October, 2013

Our Chic Nikki


Meet Nikki Hertzberg, the lady behind all things cool in Chicago’s Chic homes. Nikki hails from NY and has established that the best and most stylish way to dress is to pick out 1 item that stands out, enhancing your …

Elinor’s fall swag


Ms. Elinor Vinyards look reminds me of boho chic girls in London. They wear hats and they wear good make up. Here’s a girl inspired by the London look (I know this sounds like Kate Moss for Rimmel) who goes …

Mila Kunis & Chicago


Chicagoans talk about how much they love this city but it’s all the more nicer when you get non-Chicagoans that talk about us! Check Vanity Fair’s interview out with Mila Kunis.


Photo: Huffington Post