2017 Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

While the online world seems to be filled with millions of tips on perfect locations for couples, adventure-seeking solo travelers everywhere crave the input of like-minded enthusiasts who have already tested the waters of globetrotting alone. It is no longer a taboo to travel on your own, hitchhike or spend a few nights in remote locations in the company of nothing more than your favorite book and a trusty flashlight.

Thanks to our technological and transportation advancements, this year will be a special treat for all those who yearn to have a taste of the world without anyone holding them back or compromising while visiting a new location. To make the most of your solo journey, take a trip to these wonderful locations and get ready for the time of your life!


A country that resembles your own independent mindset, Switzerland is a perfect starting location that embodies the habit of keeping their nose out of other people’s business. Hence, they will welcome you with arms wide open and let you do your thing without meddling in.


Make sure to get a Swiss Rail Pass, a pair of sturdy shoes or boots that are suitable for the mountains, and a camera. You will want to commemorate those untamed natural wonders all across the cities and highlands alike – from Geneva Lake, Rhine Falls, to the scenic Lauterbrunnen Glacial Valley in the Alps. Don’t miss out on the urban hotspots such as Zurich and Bern, and their vivid cultural scene.


Not so densely populated and perfect for soul-searchers who are in love with nature, Iceland is a treasure trove of intact wilderness and enchanting scenery. Especially if you come from an urban environment, you’ll be dazzled by this country’s spirit that is keenly shaped by their love and appreciation of all things natural. Base yourself in Reykjavik, the capital, and start your vivid explorations from there.

iceland travelers

Take a trip to the Skaftafell National Park with its pristine birch woods, glacial rivers, and waterfalls that will challenge your imagination. A much shorter drive from the capital, Thingvellir National Park lies 45 minutes away and will give you a chance to hike, dive and camp, and don’t be surprised to encounter numerous lonely cyclists and backpackers during your explorations.


Yearning for some high-end shopping, broadening your cultural horizons and having a pint or two of England’s finest ale? Then a trip to the capital of England is in order! Wait for the royal guard ceremony in front of the Buckingham’s Palace, take a perfect selfie in front of Big Ben and of course, visit Platform 9¾ to fulfill your childhood fantasy visit to Hogwarts.

london solo travelers

The city’s versatile nightlife, as well as its cultural scene, are also a dream-come-true for meeting new people. So, for a lady traveling alone and wondering how to meet a guy in London, all it takes is walking into Tate Modern, a stroll around Hyde Park or a visit to an open air theater show with a picnic basket that can feed two!


The most livable city in the world placed on the continent with the greatest number of sunny days per year, Melbourne invites solo travelers from around the globe to have a taste of the most versatile culture in existence. The friendly locals will gladly help you reach the stunning beaches, the famous Skydeck, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Melbourne Zoo.


Don’t miss out on the Royal Botanic Gardens, or a taste of Melbourne’s enticing food scene, a fusion of international and local cuisine that is heaven on Earth for true gourmets. Aussies are famous for their love for all things healthy, so you can take your pick of various healthy smoothies, brunch specials and seafood masterpieces only Australia can offer.

New Caledonia

A dreamy, exotic destination, New Caledonia will attract people who wish to relax, as well as those who are hungry for a refreshing cultural experience. A gem of the Pacific, this wonderful island is a turquoise-emerald community that blends together the distinctly French sophistication with the Melanesian friendly spirit.

You can sunbathe on the breathtaking shores, snorkel side by side with inquisitive marine life, admire the birds of the Blue River Park, and visit Fort Teremba and other historical monuments. Brace yourself for sunny days enriched with local delicacies and a rewarding learning experience that will alter your perception of life.


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