4 Great Itineraries to Visit in Canada

With a blend of distinctly European and North American culture, nature you cannot find anywhere else on the planet, and a flourishing society of incredibly friendly folks, Canada should be on everyone’s bucket list.

From the towering mountains and icy landscape of the Northwest Territories and Yukon, all the way to the urban cities enriched with an authentic cosmopolitan feel that still incorporates a friendly vibe – Canada truly has something for everyone!

A taste of the tundra

Not at all a destination for the faint-hearted, as the harsh temperatures, the wildlife and the scarcely populated territories are a tough terrain to tackle. However, at least one thing in the north is as warm as in the toastier parts of the country – the northern people. As for the animals, you can visit Manitoba during polar bear migration towards the end of fall, and head to Yukon’s main city of Whitehorse, where you can also arrange a wildlife tour or watching the northern lights.

Canada travel tundra

It’s best to travel by car, as most places are remote, but a train is also an option for Alaskan larger cities of Anchorage, Talkeetna or Fairbanks. The immensity of the country is staggering, so even if you choose just a segment such as the Northwest Territories (which is over five times the size of the UK), the entire trip will take you through places such as Yellowknife, Great Slave Lake, Inuvik in the Arctic circle, and a range of national parks, such as the Nahanni National Park Reserve.

The wild west of Canada

Vancouver and Victoria alone would be more than enough to keep you occupied for weeks on end – you can spend some time admiring the panoramic view from the top of Grouse Mountain, the old part of Vancouver known as Gastown, the Canadian version of Chinatown with a majestic garden, and the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge. However, the west has so much more to offer!

Canada travel Vancouver

Ski-lovers will appreciate the fancy sights of Whistler, while Victoria is ideal for history-buffs with the Craigdarroch Castle known as the crown jewel of Victorian architecture, museums, and Hatley Park. Vancouver Island is home to the Pacific Rim National Reserve, where nature-lovers can lounge on the beach, while culture-vultures can soak in the culture of the indigenous people.

Cosmopolitan hopping

If you’re aiming for a more urban experience of cities that cherish their natural wealth, major cities such as the aforementioned Vancouver, but also Toronto, the City of Quebec and Montreal all have frequent flights and are well connected with every part of the world. Then again, for a more intimate experience, you can contact a reputable Canada travel agency to visit all of these cities by train or by bus. Many of the destinations include a several-hours-long tour of each stop as well, to make things all the more convenient.

Canada travel Montreal

You haven’t been to Canada if you haven’t had a chance to see the Niagara Falls of Toronto, which is also considered the cultural hub of the country. Montreal is the epitome of that cultural blend of French and American spirit, and smaller cities of Ottawa and Calgary also deserve some exploration. The former hosts a beautiful Tulip festival every spring, while the latter is brimming with beautiful parks such as Fish Creek, Prehistoric park with the zoo, and Prince’s Island Park.

Discover Newfoundland

This eastern region of the Atlantic coast consists of the island of Newfoundland and mainland Labrador, both of which are profoundly diverse, while Newfoundland is a must-see for any nature-lover. If you’ve ever been to Scotland, the perpetual presence of fog in Newfoundland and the emerald beauty of the coast will likely remind you of the Scottish haar. Start by visiting the most populous city of the region, St. John’s, where the rugged coast views, the colorful houses, and the east coast trail will mesmerize you.

Canada travel Newfoundland

The island has numerous historically relevant sights worth a trip, such as the Cape Spear Lighthouse just south of the city, where you can take part in whale watching and spotting icebergs. If you want to see the famous puffins, head to Bonavista, and don’t miss out on the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve to see large colonies of seabirds flocking together on the rocky shores.  

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