Top 5 Accessories for Your Smartphone 2016

Finding the perfect accessory for your smartphone can be a never-ending game. Just when you think you have found the coolest and best app or gadget, something better comes along. These range from smartphone cases to power supplies, and headphones to speakers. Take a look the list we put together.

The Trendy Smartwatch

 While an Apple Watch is a great gadget to wear when you want to stay connected to your compatible smartphone, its growing popularity is also because of how it is defining mobile health. The watch collects basic information including pulse and steps taken and shares it with the HealthKit, an app that comes with newer iPhones. It can also collect data as well as monitor vitals from other wearable sensors. It is stored or sent to wherever you want including another user or the doctor’s office. For instance, a teen with type 1 diabetes can wear a special sensor that monitors blood glucose levels. The readings can be sent to a doctor or a parent wearing an Apple Watch. This is a great device for patients and their medical professionals as a means of determining when health problems start.

The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a must-have accessory for your smartphone, especially if you are traveling and want to listen to your music, books, or podcasts. It doesn’t matter if you are lounging poolside or sunbathing on the beach, the Brookstone Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect accessory. Keep your smartphone out of harm’s way with this completely waterproof speaker. It floats and can be submerged in up to three feet of water. The wireless range is 33 feet, and it has a battery life of more than 20 hours.

The Best Portable Charging Device

 Another great accessory for your smartphone is a portable charging device. The relatively inexpensive BlitzWolf QualComm Quick Charge 2.0 Power Bank. Its quick charge technology can have your Apple or Android smartphone charged to 80 percent within one hour and fully charged within three hours. iPhones will charge even faster than that. It’s small and lightweight and uses four 2,600mAh LG batteries. It uses a single USB output and a micro USB in-port for charging. It offers great quality and features. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and an 18-month warranty.

The Perfect Way to Stream Your Favorite Shows

 Who doesn’t love to binge-watch their favorite television shows or movies? If you happen to have T-Mobile as your cell phone provider and spend hours at a time streaming videos, then you may be interested in Binge On. This feature allows you to stream videos for free without using your data. It is only available through this provider and works with all your favorite channels including YouTube, Neflix, HBO Now, and Hulu. This perfect for those who have to wait in long lines or prefer to stream outside their home.

 The Noise-canceling Headphones

Whether you’re sitting on an airplane or in the corner of a bookstore or library, it’s always nice when you can listen to your music, movie for podcast in relative peace and quiet. The Able Planet Linx Fusion headphones blocks out any outside noise while allowing crystal clear sound. These headphones are 70 decibels lower than regular headphones, which can reduce the drisk of damage to the ear. These headphones are a must-have because they allow you to listen without disturbing others around you. It’s a great gadget to accompany your smartphone, whether it’s an Apple device or an Android.



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Top 5 Accessories for Your Smartphone 2016

Finding the perfect accessory for your smartphone can be a never-ending game....
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