About Us

We are a dedicated community of contributors that catalogue modern American culture with a focus on design, style, innovation, disruption and change. We want to expose you to globally desirable American design, dreams turned into reality by entrepreneurs, world renowned foodie pursuits, advice by industry experts or inspiration for travel… it’s our modern American culture, right here from the heart – Chicago.

In 2013, Nancy Rahman launched The Chicago Chic when she moved to the United States as a personal blog, posting about her findings on Chicago, the evolving youthful American culture and it’s people. The blog soon grew and developed into a multi-contributor platform providing readers with high quality lifestyle guides, advice and features.

Our goal is to provide our readers with a unique and eclectic take on Fashion & Men’s Fashion, help guide you to some of Chicago’s Foodie hot-spots and take you on inspiring Entrepreneurial journeys. We aim to be a trusted place for our readers to find honest expert advice on topics that are of interest, whether it’s career advice or how to wear a specific trend- our passionate team delivers well curated and researched content daily.

Editor’s note: I started the Chicago Chic in the hope that I can capture and share the sights & sounds of one of America’s most authentic cities to it’s culture; journaling daily joys for family + friends back home. It’s now grown to fulfill a bigger purpose and mission with the help of dedicated and passionate contributing writers. I hope you enjoy exploring The Chicago Chic, a place for you remain current and inspired with modern life in the US.