Arami for good sushi

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Our Chicago Casual Rating

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Before I begin writing this, I have to share that my friends little one has changed the way I pronounce sushi. It’s called ‘Shoushie’ according to the cutest little boy, Dominik Saliba, who has developed a fine taste for sushi only at 3 years. So two things will never be the same- the way I say sushi is ‘shoushie’ and the general expectation of what sushi should be like after eating at Arami.

This is not a fine dining restaurant but I highly recommend a visit if looking for good sushi in Chicago. Intelligent and educated wait staff- this can easily be one of the best sushi secret spots. Despite chef B.K. Park’s leave to open Juno, the place continues to serve high quality sushi. Their fish is fresh, well cut; finely and delicately placed on perfectly cooked sushi rice.

This is one of those places where you want to awaken your taste buds and think about the after taste. Digestion is also easy- nothing too heavy. Fantastically all put together. Donburi, Sashimi and Makis are a delight but there are also interesting entires to their stater menu using European elements for example, truffle oil. Their little bites are a mouthful but little did I know that a few mouthful would keep me satisfied, you can say that an experience here can reset your portion and serving size mentally on how sushi should be served in America!

Ok, I’m not a sake expert but if you drink the wrong sake you’re put off for a very long time, until someone convinces you for a return sip. Arami’s sake selection is incredibly good. Once tasted, you feel as though you’re sipping an elixir of pleasure. This is what I felt after drinking their sake:


I’ve checked the service, quality, sake selection and creativity. The one star missing is the atmosphere. The atmosphere is quite nice however, I feel like they’ve crammed more tables into this room than they should. If you’re looking for something casual but with quality food, this is your place.

“Updated traditional feeds the urban dweller at this innovative sushi and Japanese kitchen spot. Enjoy high quality sushi in our peaceful, natural, garden like atmosphere” are Arami’s words to describe.


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