When Art meets Technology

At the moment, we own a 50″ Toshiba TV. I have no idea what kind of TV it is, whether it’s an LCD or HDMI? And I am not too certain about its performance and specifics either! All I do remember when purchasing the product was how it looked in my room, its clean, simple and looks beautiful-just like a grand piece of art. If you know me by now, technology has always been an interest although, when it comes to the point of purchase, a huge deciding factor has been and will always be: the aesthetic of the product.


I am always fascinated with what we can do and how much we can challenge ourselves into making life more productive, more beautiful and more satisfying. I’ve always wondered, if a grown man was to travel into the future from just 100 years ago, how astonished would they be? I doubt they would know how to use any of the technology that we are currently experiencing and enjoying. In fact, sometimes I feel like that man when I am exposed to technology that makes me feel both excited but also shocked and in awe at what we’ve come to. Let me share with you a few recent series of events that has taken me to these fantasies of time travel. At a recent cocktail party, one of my friends advertised his proud ownership of the thinnest TV in the market. He gave us a little presentation on the definition, capabilities and obviously how thin it was. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how thin that TV was. Naturally, this is where technology is heading; the thinner, the lighter, the better. Everything was headed that way- phones, tablets, laptops but TVs… Our TV is only less than 4 years old and for a while, we thought it was the bees knees. Think again, Nancy… We’ve been seeing and hearing quite a bit about all this new technology for TVs that are as thin as an iPad or an iPhone. But I haven’t seen one as yet. So we thought it was time to start looking around for an ‘investment’ TV.


The stars were somehow aligned and I got an invitation to a presentation for a TV by LG electronics that promised to send me back home in a state of shock. I thought to myself…. How appropriate, not only have I been planning to shop around for the thinnest TV, I also went back down memory lane (in Dubai) where I’ve been loyal to the LG brand since my teenage years-my first cassette player, CD player, sound system, cute mobile phone and naturally TV. The main reasons why I enjoyed LG products so much was because of it’s general aesthetic compared to other competitor brands.


Greeted by the LG team, we were given a presentation about their smart OLED TVs which was unbelievably beautiful and simply ‘sexy’. I now saw why people like my friend with the super thin TV rave so much about their prized possession: a smart OLED.  Not only were these TVs of High Definition (Full HD 1080p Resolution), Exceptional Color (Tru Color) and other important elements such as media, screen shares, Wi-Fi connectivity, a built in 40W speaker system.. Seeing the TV up close was quite impressive. When we were told to move around the side and view it edge-on, you will see nothing but a thin line in the air. We pulled out 4 credit cards and put them together to compare the thinness of the TV and we were literally, in a state of shock:


How thin is the OLED?


Photo Courtesy 360east.com

Photo Courtesy 360east.com

Besides the thinness, the TV looked as the trendiest item you would purchase for years to come. The simple lines, minimalist shape and curve allow for that ‘art piece’ you’re looking for to treasure at home. The color and clarity of the TV was unbelievable, for a second I felt as though I was looking through a window with fantastic views when the demo was displaying a great sea side scenery.


Conclusion: Not only is LG’s OLED TV one of the best and most vivid displays I’ve seen in my entire life but it’s also the thinnest and I don’t know at this point if there ever will be a thinner TV than this. Considering it’s high price tag of around $9,000 +, other brands (actually, there is NO competition for this brand) could easily price this TV at least for $20,000 given it’s features. But if you’re willing to wait a little for the price to decrease or if you’re fortunate to buy this upgrade, then I assure you that this TV is the best TV that money can buy.


I had read on several occasions that the reason why Steve Jobs was really successful with his products was how he brought together Art to meet Science. In this case, LG has definitely gone several steps ahead of the TV world and will surely hold the highest rank both in the world and my heart.



The latest OLED will be out by mid November. For now, you can purchase its little sister here!

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