When looking for a boutique that’s got the perfect mix between contemporary and timeless chic, Space519 is the place to go. Their collection is always bang on trend, usually one step ahead of the rest. Each item curated in the …

Corbett Drummey & Popular Pays

I was recently reading an article on Forbes on how the Mid West is slowly becoming a venture capital’s go-to destination for slow but sure investments in the Midwestern start-up scene. Ever since Groupon heated up the scene, Chicago has

Lauren Fern Debut

Hello Everyone! I’d like to introduce you to Ms. Lauren Fern, new womenswear contributor and expert for the Chicago Chic. Lauren is a native Chicagoan, born and raised, studying Fashion Business and Merchandising at Columbia College Chicago. Lauren is a

The Midi

Want to wear the midi but don’t know how? We’ve all been there. Wearing the midi and pairing it can be hard, even I can’t wear it just yet. Traditionally, the midi would have fallen at the mid-calf, aka the …

Light Installations by Massimo Uberti

Uberti paints, sculpts and recreates spaces by inserting elegant neon tubes that create secondary reality-altering 3D forms.

The core of Uberti’s philosophy is the process of reduction. His efforts are almost always directed toward reducing his works to their essence, …

Dan Hartley

Chicago is lucky to have it’s own Film Festival. Annually we escape and we learn through new movies- ones that are original, moving and unique. Last film festival, I met with director Dan Hartley, who was showing his feature film

Music: Weekend Set by Atish Mehta

I’ve worked quite hard this weekend with deadlines, battling depression with this *&^$%^ gloomy Chicago weather  and more..

Let’s pretend it’s proper Spring, get our cocktails in order and start the weekend with this beautiful set by our friend Atish