City Lights: a beacon of hope & prosperity

In 1931, Charlie Chaplin made a silent film “City Lights”, a film that succinctly captures the idea and attraction to ‘city lights’.  A tramp falls in love with the blind girl. His noble struggle to help her recover from medical

How to party safely at Music Festivals

Attending a music festival is a unique experience and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Being a part of the festival crowd sets you in a very specific state of mind where you can feel incredibly free to act and be …

animated house below waterfall

10 Most Unusual Houses In The World

When we think of a house, it usually the structure with front doors, windows, square or rectangular shape, with the roof and a chimney. Thalia, the muse of comedy, geometry, architectural science and agriculture, didn’t forget to inspire this segment

The Most Awkward Hotel Guest Requests Ever

Working in the hotel business can be hard, demanding and hilarious. Yes, you read it right – hilarious and at times even bizarre. When you work in the hospitality industry, there are certain rules you have to respect, like the