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I met Bella Wholey by chance,  a very hard working individual that’s determined to make her dreams come true. Her interests are the arts and acting despite completing her undergrad in Neuroscience. A beautiful girl but smart as can be. She’s lived in Chicago for a while and the warmth and confidence that resides within her soul has some what been influenced by this city. Here’s a little about this up and coming star in the making… keep an eye out for her. Oh and you pronounce her name is ‘Behya’, just so you know!
Who I am & my childhood. 
I’m a simple person, from Chile. I enjoy good company, good books, adventure and over 20 oz of black coffee per day.  I have such fond memories of Chile. I remember playing with a girl down the road from my grandparent’s farm that didn’t have any shoes.  I gave her a pair of mine and the pure joy it gave her still resonates with me.  It feels great to make other people happy and although that might not be true altruism, I just don’t understand why people continue to bring others down. We should all be uplifting of one another.
On Acting, Art & Modelling
I’ve always been very outgoing and artistic.  I would participate in all the school plays when I was younger.  I loved to put on shows for my friends or parents and develop my own characters.  It was something I have always been passionate about.  I actually never had any desire to model.  I had originally applied to Marymount Manhattan for theatre but after getting accepted my father told me I couldn’t attend.  It was a terrible feeling– being told you couldn’t do something and having no control, since, well I didn’t have enough money to pay school on my own.  So I decided to study creative writing then switched to cognitive neuroscience.  In my final year, I really started to miss theatre and acting.  But with trying to work and go to school auditioning for parts and attending rehearsals didn’t seem do-able.  So one day I woke up at 6am and started applying for modelling jobs.  I saw it as a good way to build my resume for me to be able to transition into acting full-time when I graduated.
On moving often
I think moving around a lot has actually helped me make friends.  What I mean is, it taught me the value of friendship. Any kind of relationship takes work and effort on both sides. Being apart from my good friends is difficult but luckily in this day and age with technology being so prominent staying in touch is so easy to do.  Plus, my mother always used to say I was so outgoing I could make friends with rocks haha. Everyone is virtually the same– we’re all just trying to survive and not run out of money. With all of our differences, and not undermining our individual uniqueness, we’re a lot more similar than different.
Travel Essentials
In the past I had a habit of overpacking, you just never know! But if I had to pick three things it would be the following: 1) Good music 2) books 3) and a comfy oversized sweatshirt
My Chicago
I lived in Chicago for three years and moved to Los Angeles January. I do terribly miss it. The psychology program was ranked highly at DePaul so I transferred for my sophomore year. I think Chicago helped me prepare myself for a bigger playing field like LA.  I’ve lived in California for five years before so it wasn’t such a groundbreaking move but trying to make a name for yourself in a city where so many other people are doing the same thing can be intimidating.  In Chicago I feel like I’ve built a great network and have been able to work with so many talented people that I’m really not afraid at all. I now know who I am and what I can do.
My inspiration is
..undoubtedly– my mama.  She is the strongest person I know.  The youngest of ten, she grew up in a farm in Chile.  She is the only one out of her family to move out of the country to the United States not having known any English.  Twenty-four with a three year old child moving somewhere where she had no friends, no family, can you imagine?  She is a fighter and through everything I have seen her go through, she is always with a smile. She finds happiness in all things and has always supported me through everything.  My mama is my motivation to “make it”, because all I can think about is how much I want to repay her and take care of her so that she never has another worry as long as I’m around.
8.1 Hmm.. I think I’m going to keep this one under wraps. There is a character I am dying to play, that hasn’t really been transcribed in the film scene, and because I WILL play her one day, I want it to be a surprise ;P
Roles I enjoy playing when acting
Dramatic!  Whenever I get myself into character, it is easy for me to cry on demand/in the role.  Comedy seems a lot more challenging for me, but I like to be challenged so I can’t wait for the opportunity to present itself.
When in Chicago
My boyfriend Phil is a born and raised Chicagoan, so he’s the one to show you around. Whenever I have friends or family visit all they want to do is see Cloud Gate (the bean) and have deep dish pizza- cliche, I know.  While those things are great, Phil, being proud of his city for more than it’s tourist attractions, loves to take people to places more unknown.  The Rooftop at the Wit shows an incredible view of the city and is especially great in the summers when it is uncovered.  In the summer we like to go to other beaches than North Ave.  Montrose beach has a great hangout-The Dock, which allows you to enjoy great food and drinks without being suffocated.  We are big foodies.  Some of the places we often frequent are Tweet for breakfast/brunch in uptown, Oiistar in Wicker Park which has amazing ramen and the best creme brulee either of us have had and Uncommon Ground, one of my favorites, it has two locations and they used local organic products whenever possible.
Quotes I live by
“This too shall pass”.  Not only does it remind me that whatever hard times I am facing will soon be gone, but that the good will also become something of the past.  It’s a meditation that challenges me to live in the present moment and not take anything for granted.

Photography Nancy Abdul Rahman

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