The best double strollers

Congratulations on your second child… or your twins!  Now, you have to think about the best and most comfortable way to transport your little bubbas around town. The most important decision lies in comfort;  both for your children and yourself. Efficiency also matters a great deal and to some, the style. With so many options in the market, we reviewed 4 market leading strollers preferred by parents and listed their pros and cons. Our review is quick and based on comfort, ease of ride, ease of breakdown, purpose, set up as well as weight.  Here is our guide for 4 of the top double strollers, tried and tested by local parents in Chicago.



The UPPAbaby Vista Double Henry

Once again, a favorite amongst parents is the versatile UPPAbaby Vista that has now received a whole new update in looks and performance. UPPAbaby is one of the leading companies for children’s travel gear, specifically strollers. Here is our take on this popular, good looking stroller:

  • This is a trusty and sturdy double stroller with good grounding.
  • Large wheels and structure; the Vista Double has a larger back wheel with suspension that helps make the ride smooth and bump free for your children.
  • The child is comfortable in the well sized seat, good depth and allows equally great views for the child.
  • The recline is fantastic and UPF 50+ rated, ventilated canopy is generous.
  • Different footrest settings.
  • Can be set in a multitude of ways for your children to either face each other, face forward or towards you. Also supports a one hand detachable bassinet (as shown in photo) for your very little ones.
  • Basket larger than most out there, yet discrete.
  • Exceptionally good looking and stylish, with optional leather elements on the handlebars giving it a refined feel.
  • Weight is lighter than most double stroller.
  • Easy to reach brake is operated by foot paddle with a red/green indicator – locking and unlocking are both in one single push by your foot.
  • Cons: break down can take a little longer in our microwave age!

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

For those more keen on a side by side stroller, this is definitely one to consider. Joovy has a reputation for making sturdy strollers that stands up to the rigors of and this one lives up to the expectation.  Although not an ideal travel stroller due to weight, there have been good reviews from parents taking it on trips abroad.

  • Easy, smooth ride with larger back wheels
  • One hand maneuverability; unique amongst double strollers
  • Very comfortable for the children, excellent depth to fit most sizes, wrapping itself comfortably around your child’s back with a typical recline
  • Not overly wide allowing use around shops, cafes, alleys, etc.
  • Fantastic size basket
  • Very affordable for the quality and design
  • One canopy that is sufficient for both children with uniform coverage
  • Easy to manage Handle Bars that children love and for maximum protection
  • Cons: On the heavier side for travel and some parents prefer individual canopies per child

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Double Stroller

Baby Jogger is a highly trusted global company for strollers. Equivalent to its counterpart stroller manufacturers in most features, a large number of parents praise the City Select LUX’s firm weight on the ground. ‘It glides like butter’, a sentiment parents agree on with a focus on wheels and engineering. The 2017 versions and beyond are now much more stylish with a great variety in fabric.  Our review:

  • Firm on ground, with large wheels and excellent stability.
  • Smooth ride via all wheel suspension and excellent chassis even on cobblestones.
  • Typical recline and a comfortable ‘cloth-like’ fabric that’s weather proof, offering great comfort for children.
  • Decelerating brake is an innovative control
  • Offers over 20 (!) ways to configure for your children to either face each other, face forward or towards you.
  • Supports an optional bassinet.
  • Basket is largest we reviewed, perfect for groceries.
  • Adjustable foot rest setting
  • Updated version makes it a stylish option
  • Compact fold for travel if needs be.
  • Cons: The security strap is less user friendly and the toddler seat does not come with handlebar.


ZOE Umbrella XL2 Double Stroller

This stroller was launched by a small family owned company, run by mom, dad, grand parents and … their kids! Ever since their launch, the company has enjoyed huge success, thank to their award winning creation. Having an easy to collapse, umbrella stroller is one thing. But an easy to collapse double stroller is a whole new animal- this stroller is made for travelers far and near. Here’s why we think it’s awesome:

  • A smooth ride.
  • Perfect recline for napping with its nicely cushioned seats.
  • Sufficient canopy for individual seats.
  • Easy open and close.
  • A light stroller despite plush seating and general solid structure, making it easy for travel.
  • Stylish and minimal – super slim but fulfills its purpose.
  • Easy to maneuver with one hand.
  • Handlebars for your children’s comfort and security.
  • Affordable and well priced for what it offers.
  • Cons: Small wheels but only expected.



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