Best Things to Do on Tahiti and Her Islands

Did you know that there are no poisonous snakes or insects on Tahiti? That, in addition to those amazing beaches, lovely fruits and generous and kind people make this place one of the most inviting destinations in the world. Also, there is so much more to do on Tahiti than to simply stare into the distance from a gorgeous beach. Here are some of the best things you can do while on Tahiti.

Experience the Vibrant Life of Tahiti Capital


Start your tour early in the morning and head directly to La Marche. This amazing market is just what you need, if you want to check the heartbeat of this city. There you can find fresh fish in the morning, and all those tasty fruits and vegetables will be luring you from the stalls. Also, you will easily spot some of the wide, seasonal “Mamas”, the bearers of the tradition, weaving, quilting and making shell necklaces. Definitely try some of their Monoi oil and see what it is all about. During the afternoon, head to the Paofai Gardens or Bougainville Park and the Monument there. You can also take a tour of the Pearl Museum but do not shop there until you visit the farms on Huahine. However, when the evening comes, make sure that you are at the Place Vaite. During the day, it is nothing special. But when the dinner time comes, the Roulottes spread the tables and set the chairs for great dishes that they serve.

Enjoy the Ecological Luxury of Tetiaroa


Once the vacation place of the local Royalty, this amazing place enchanted Marlon Brando who purchased it in order to preserve it. Tetiaroa consists of 12 islets and this atoll looks like something from a tropical fairytale. Brando created luxury using the eco-friendliest technology there was, trying to keep the most of Tetiaroa untouched. That is his legacy and it is available to the general public today.

Get to the Watersport Paradise of Rangiroa


Wherever you decide to go snorkeling or diving in Tahiti, you will have fun and see the rich marine life. However, if you have to pick only one place, choose Rangiroa. Surfing, boat trips, sailing, windsurfing, diving, swimming and snorkeling are all available for you here. The Rangiroa is basically, one big, shallow lagoon. This definitely makes it a perfect watersport place.

Stay at the Moorea Bungalows


Bora Bora bears the name of the Romantic Island with its honeymoon, overwater bungalows. However, you need to know that the first bungalows of this kind originate from Moorea. This island has some pretty dramatic natural formations that you definitely need to see. Two symmetrical bays: Cook’s and Opunohu are both a part of the panoramic view that will unravel in front of you, if you climb to the Moorea’s highest point – Belvedere Lookout. A proper Tahiti vacation should definitely have this amazing island as a part of its itinerary. Moorea also boasts with a real Tiki village where you can check out the traditional dancing.  

Waste a Day Resting on Pink Beaches of Tikehau


When you just want to walk through the hibiscus flowers and enjoy the nature, sneak to the very east coast of the island. This is where a long beach awaits you, with its turquoise waters and pink sand. That is the perfect place to spend a day resting and enjoying this natural wonder. If you have the means, bring a bike to this island. You can easily cycle around it, since it is encircled by a dirt road.

Explore the Secluded Marquesas Islands


This is not where you come to enjoy the beaches. This is where you come to experience the real Tahiti, unchanged by the civilization. The biggest islands are Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa. Nuku Hiva is the largest of these islands, and it is where you can find a brilliant beach of black sand.  Also, a stunning waterfall you can see here is among the biggest ones in the world. Hiva Oa is a part of all Paul Gauguin cruises, because this mystical island is the place where the great artist is buried.

Tahiti is very inviting and utterly welcoming. It offers natural wonders in abundance, as well as stunning local culture and tradition. Therefore, even if you do not have a solid plan, simple island hopping will still be an unforgettable experience.

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