The perfect move with Bobby’s RediBox

During our move earlier this summer, we looked high and low for companies that sold recycled or eco-friendly moving boxes. We stumbled upon an eco-friendly option that lets you rent their boxes for 2 weeks- a week before the move and a week after the move. This was perfect for us and ticked all the boxes, pun intended ūüôā We wanted an eco-friendly option that helped us pack and unpack as quickly as possible.¬†¬†We booked Redi-box in what was a seamless online booking process with efficient text message communication by their staff. Once ready, their staff dropped off the boxes and once done, they came and picked it up. We actually needed some more time, so they happily extended for a couple more days. We loved their service so much and were ready to share news with our friends. But my curiosity grew in finding out who was behind this awesome business. Meet Bobby Eaton, a super easy going and down to earth entrepreneur from Northwest Indiana. What inspired him and how did he manage to make a success from simply allowing people to borrow his boxes while he contributed to the environment’s safety? We had a quick chat:

More about Bobby and his inspiration:

I played a lot of sports growing up.  Since I played sport, most of my role models tended to be athletes and I admired their hard work and successes on and off the field.  After graduating business school (at Indiana University), I incorporated that sense of competitiveness into my business. Now my role models are the people that are not only successful with their business ventures but are also successful in life outside of their business.

How long have you lived in Chicago & What makes this city special?

Living in¬†Chicago for nine years, I have lived all over the city and have yet to find a neighborhood I didn‚Äôt love.¬† This city is special because we have some of America’s most down to earth people, the history, its architect, the amazing food scene, a spectacular lake front, parks and exciting nightlife.¬† I think that the offerings that Chicago has are up there with any major cities in the world while being more affordable than most.


Bobby’s take on eco-friendliness:

Redi-Box, rents reusable plastic moving boxes that are delivered to your home in Chicago. This service is unique in many ways¬†and¬†one of those is it’s¬†eco-friendliness. Our most popular feedback is that of¬†Redi-Box‘s¬†ease of use. The¬†moving boxes do not need to be taped up or broken down, an added eco-friendly factor, plus they are faster because all you have to do is just pack and stack them. Another benefit is that they are green. The best thing you can do for the environment is reuse something and our moving boxes get up to 400 times the usage compared to cardboard moving boxes.¬† At the end of each Redi-box’s¬†life, we will recycle them and make new¬†ones!

Why storage boxes, how did you think of this business? 

After my fourth time moving in the city, I was sick of lugging cardboard moving boxes into my apartment, taping them up, having the bottoms fall out and then having to break them down.  Then I found out there was a better way with reusable plastic moving boxes.  There was no one providing any type of service like this in Chicago and knew I had to bring this to the market. I created Redi-Box in 2010 and have changed the way people move in Chicago forever!  Now the challenge is to educate consumers that there is a better option out there.  As of now, most of our growth has been from word of mouth from our happy-customer feedback.

How did Chicago contribute to your success?

Chicago offers a great market for many businesses because people in this city are hard working and value their time. Efficiency in Chicago is also optimum so we found a demand by providing a service that saves people time and reduces a stressful move. Hence, Chicago has was a perfect market for us.  I think any business that can save people time and effort will succeed in Chicago.

Future plans for the company?

 I am always of thinking of ways to improve the moving process but as of now we do not have any specific plans for expansion.

Most important factor in business?

Efficiency is important for me, in all aspects of life and most importantly my time.  Time is everyone’s most valuable resource and I really enjoy finding ways to maximize it!

Your secret? 

Improve every day.  Be better today than you were yesterday.  It takes time to get where you want to be, but you have to keep moving forward and always improving.

A quote you live by?

‚ÄúSome people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.‚ÄĚ -Benjamin franklin

If you’re moving, why don’t you try Redi-Box?

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