How one simple idea builds a business: Delux DIY by Brian Stanziale

Brian Stanziale doesn’t get starstruck. After having lived in Chicago, New York, then back to Chicago, after styling, designing, and even opening a clothing store, he’s seen enough and done enough to know not to get too excited over a celebrity sighting. And while he may not get excited over seeing an A-lister walk down the street, we are certainly excited about his latest venture into the world of home décor: one-of-a-kind embellished books.

The search for the coffee table book can be very tricky, like finding that perfect pair of jeans or choosing a paint color that you can live with for years to come. It takes a certain panache, an undeniable curative eye, and good helping of style. Luckily, Stanziale pieces bring all those to the table and an extra dose of glitz and glamour.

Situated up north in Edgewater, is a tastefully decorated apartment in which Brian Stanziale creates his books, THE BMS. Their covers range, as does what is inside the book. What they do have in common as an artisanal quality that’s just as much unique as it is eye-catching. His pieces are bold and beautiful, chic and artisanal. They’re the perfect conversation starter that gives your home décor an added edge. From Iman to aliens, Stanziale’s books range in content and in character. How can you go wrong with David Bowie dripping in gold?

Brian Stanziale may not get starstruck, but we’re certainly struck by the effortless elegance of his artful books.


What was your inspiration for creating these embellished books?

Loss for the love of the written word on paper.  I really wanted to find a way to get people excited about books again.  Everywhere you turn, people are getting rid of books by the bin full and “upgrading” to the digital mediums available, which I think is great for a beach read, however, books are such a great window into a person and their history, and when you start getting rid of them, I feel like you start to hack away at that tale (or tail..  sadly my spelling isn’t what it used to be..)


How long does it take you to create the pieces?

The time varies, sometimes I’m done with a piece in 30 min, other times it can take me a few days to get it just right.


Do you buy a book with an idea in mind or does it come to you later on?

A little bit of both.  There are some books that the second I get them, work starts immediately… other ones, i have to think on for a while.  There are some books that I have laying around my studio for months, just wait for inspiration that will do it justice.  each piece is very special, and personal!


Having moved from Chicago to New York then back to Chicago again, what has been your favorite thing about moving back to this city?

Closet space


You’ve worked in styling, design, and retail. What prompted the switch from clothing to interiors?

When I had my store Sloane in Soho, I designed everything, from the clothing to the space itself.  I even designed all of the furniture as well, and the feedback and response was amazing!  By far the most fun I’ve had.  But after more time in the fashion industry, i really started to not like it, and even started to not like myself. It was a much different world them i had imagined, and while i got everything I wanted, I wasn’t as happy as I was when I was creating spaces.  So i surrendered in my war of attrition, and moved back to the interior city!


Describe your aesthetic in three words.

Chic as f*ck


Do you have plans beyond your books in terms of creating or designing? (i.e. what do you see as the future of your brand)

For sure!  My books are just another piece of the full lifestyle brand that I am building.  I am currently in the process of developing a line of candles…that has me really excited!  But when it comes to what I want to do with “the bms.” the sky is the limit.


Who would be your dream client (living or dead)?

Isabella Blow


What’s your favorite book? 

Anything in the McNally series by Lawrence Sanders


Describe your perfect day in Chicago.

Any day it’s warm.



How do you want people to feel when they purchase your pieces?

I want people to have the same feeling when they purchase on of these pieces as they do when they acquire a new piece of art.  Something that they will keep and display with pride for a long time…  and hopefully collect!


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