Brooke Garber Neidich: A Chicago Gem


In Chicago’s Gold Coast, right beside the Four Seasons Hotel, sits an upscale jewelry store, Sidney Garber. Walking past, selected pieces of featured jewelry glisten and shimmer from the vignette window, instantly drawing you in to see what else this treasure box of a jewelry store may contain. Inside, the ambiance is warm, comforting and inviting; the sales associates are gleaming with joy and are genuinely excited to showcase and share the pieces. When you are in Sidney Garber, you can feel the rich passion and spirit illuminate the room, creating an unforgettable experience.

In 1946, Sidney Garber founded his original jewelry store in Chicago, this is where his daughter Brooke was introduced to the fine jewelry industry at an early age. She remembers being as young as six years old, being able to work around the store and getting excited to engage in tasks such as cleaning the showcases with windex, putting the watches out in a perfect line, or sitting in front of the safe filled with charms. It was early on that Brooke developed a keen eye for the craftsmanship and appreciation of jewelry and design. In 2008, Brooke inherited her father’s business and the same childlike excitement she has for the store still exists within her.

Sidney Garber jewelry is known for it’s timeless, sculptural quality. Each piece signifies true luxury and captures the ultimate meaning and purpose of jewelry: letting the pieces becoming apart of your lifestyle. The pieces combine elements of elegance as well as practicality, made for everyday through the years. Her designs can take you anywhere from upscale galas to a casual brunch with family or friends. When jewelry is done right, as far as look and feel, it easily becomes a part of one’s identity, and Brooke’s pieces have mastered that concept.




Under her creative endeavors in the industry of jewels, she has gained a notable following of regular clients. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are credited to be the style icons of our time, and when noticing their exquisite sense of fashion, it is hard to pass up their astounding collection of jewelry. Everywhere they go, from award shows to running errands around New York, you will see them wearing a piece (or multiple pieces) of Sidney Garber jewelry. They love the jewelry so much, models wear it down the runway when they show their clothing collections for their line The Row at fashion week. Just when you thought their love for Sidney Garber could not get any stronger, they have decided to dedicate a showcase display in their Los Angeles store for The Row, to sell pieces of the jewelry.

In addition to Brooke’s top-notch clientele, the most dazzling statement yet is that all of her profits are donated to charity. Every last penny goes to organizations dedicated to children’s mental health and wellness education and the arts. Brooke’s business is a genuine labor of love as she gives back to fund different foundations.


Here is a selection we’ve put together for you if you’re interested in Brooke’s designs:

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Otherwise, you can Sidney Garber designs at either her Chicago or New York location, Barney’s.

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