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Once You Krispop, You Just Can’t Stop


Get ready for a MAJOR sugar craving. The sweets coming out of Caitlin Lee’s kitchen are enough to make anyone welcome a self-induced sugar coma with open arms. With desserts under her belt like Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls, Krispops, Cotton …

Local spotlight: Shalice Noel


I had no idea that Chicagoans topped as one of the most internationally followed fashion curators in the world of Instagram. I plan on featuring awesome, cool and tasteful instagramers that are def worth following and also … getting to …

A Greek Success in Chicago


At a time when Greece has been experiencing knee-deep trouble, I looked around my house to see if I’m supporting their economy. Feta Cheese- Greek but US made, Greek Yogurt- also made here, those Kalamata olives- straight from the WholeFoods