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Local Success spotlight: Nevena Zee


When I moved to Chicago, I knew no one. I had friends who have introduced me to friends that live in this city. Through them, I met some inspiring and hardworking people that never give up. Their laser sharp focus, …

That all denim look


Lindzey Snyder works in fashion and has nailed the all denim look. Still very much in trend and trending, the all denim look is easy to pull, if you know how to accessorise it and style it well. A complementing …



I’ve been told many times that for music-goers, nothing beats festival season in Chicago. This was my first time attending Pitchfork and I have to say it was definitely one of the best musical experiences I have ever experienced. With …

Street Style: Michael Jaramillo


michael street

Michael is a Chicago urbanite that enjoys being on trend. I particularly love the new bermuda suit he is sporting for business.

Michael wears:

 Sunglasses by Burberry * Shirt by Express * Shorts and Blazer by Banana Republic* Shoes by …

Bella Bella

I met Bella Wholey by chance,  a very hard working individual that’s determined to make her dreams come true. Her interests are the arts and acting despite completing her undergrad in Neuroscience. A beautiful girl but smart as can be.

Gina Scalpone & her love for beauty


Gina greeted me with a big hug and a huge warm smile. Chicagoans are truly the warmest people you’ll meet and they’re also the most hard working and dedicated individuals that have genuine interest in what they do. Michael Douglas …