Global Design in Chicago

Top 5 Open House Chicago Sites


Open House Chicago (OHC), hosted by the Chicago Architecture Foundation is one of the city’s largest cultural events. If you’re a design, architecture or Chicago history buff it truly shouldn’t be missed. Best of all its totally FREE! The event …

A Peek Down the Wabash Arts Corridor


A big, brown moose lives at the corner of Congress and South Wabash. It’s probably the only one in the city, at least the only one that chews bubblegum. The mural, “Moose Bubblegum Bubble,” is by Jacob Watts, and if

Chicago Board of Trade

Location: 141 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago
Architect: Holabird & Root
Completed: 1930
Height: 605 feet (184 m)
Floor Count: 44

The Chicago Board of Trade is a true landmark of the city. Traditionally a commodities market for centralized trading, the …

When Art meets Technology


At the moment, we own a 50″ Toshiba TV. I have no idea what kind of TV it is, whether it’s an LCD or HDMI? And I am not too certain about its performance and specifics either! All I do …

Lake Point Tower

Location: 505 North Lake Shore Drive
Architect: John Heinrich & George Schipporeit
Completed: 1968
Height: 645 ft (197 m)
Floor Count: 70

Lake Point Tower is one of the most highly recognizable skyscrapers in the Chicago skyline. Its prominent location …

Light Installations by Massimo Uberti


Uberti paints, sculpts and recreates spaces by inserting elegant neon tubes that create secondary reality-altering 3D forms.

The core of Uberti’s philosophy is the process of reduction. His efforts are almost always directed toward reducing his works to their essence, …

The Alinea Experience


Grant Achatz’s Alinea

The individualist Grant Achatz, a leader in molecular gastronomy is known for his preparation and deconstruction of classic flavors. He started a promising career working with masterminds such as Charlie Trotter, Ferran Adria & Thomas Keller and

Jack Hughes’ wonderful Illustrations


The wonderful internet- it just brings you closer and closer to everyone, everywhere. I came across this Illustrateor and wow.. he’s good. Jack Hughes has a distinct style and you’ll notice. I thought I should share  some of his work …

A Sunny Revolution


I’m sitting here fantasizing about a little bit of sun, enough to allow for an additional sunglass indulgence but in all honesty, all I really need right now is some harsh Dubai-like scorching sun to melt all this snow. In