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A review of PRYSM nightclub in Lincoln Park by Leah Nolan of the Chicago Chic.

Why You Should Party at PRYSM


If you were a club kid living in Chicago during the early “aughts,” names like Le Passage, Lotus Club, The Underground, Crescendo, Rino, Crobar and Enclave should evoke a flood of memories. Chicagoans can credit these iconic dance spots with …

7 Rosé Wines You Need to Try Now by Leah Nolan of the Chicago Chic at Geja's Cafe.

7 Rosé Wines You Need to Try Now


Rosé is not the same thing as White Zinfandel, Boone’s Farm’s Strawberry Hill or any other sugary pink alcohol masquerading as something drinkable that may or may not have once been housed in your parent’s basement. Rosé has been around …

Celebrating 4th of July: Cocktail Recipes


I’m a big fan of summery cocktails, especially ones that have a lot of fruit, flavor and character. Tequila is a popular cocktail choice but hasn’t been my favorite in general due to its strength. I searched for the purest, …

This is a craft cocktail review by Leah Nolan of the Chicago Chic featuring the Build Your Own Manhattan at LUXBAR in Chicago.

Familiar Cocktails With a Playful Twist


Half a decade ago most bar menus included half a page featuring cocktails so sweet that only Plumpy and Princess Lolly would enjoy them, and the other half was comprised of drinks designed to, in the words of every dad …