Our picks on foodie spots in Chicago


Arami for good sushi


This is not a fine dining restaurant but I highly recommend a visit if looking for good sushi in Chicago. Intelligent and educated wait staff- this can easily be one of the best sushi secret spots. Despite chef B.K. Park’s …

7 Rosé Wines You Need to Try Now by Leah Nolan of the Chicago Chic at Geja's Cafe.

7 Rosé Wines You Need to Try Now


Rosé is not the same thing as White Zinfandel, Boone’s Farm’s Strawberry Hill or any other sugary pink alcohol masquerading as something drinkable that may or may not have once been housed in your parent’s basement. Rosé has been around …

Celebrating 4th of July: Cocktail Recipes


I’m a big fan of summery cocktails, especially ones that have a lot of fruit, flavor and character. Tequila is a popular cocktail choice but hasn’t been my favorite in general due to its strength. I searched for the purest, …

Banana Olive Oil Cake


If you know me- I am no great chef. But my love for baking cakes has never been a secret. I either wake up earlier or stay in later to create a cake that I’ve been thinking about for days. …

The perfect Crepe at Toni Patisserie

It’s no secret that our entire team at The Chicago Chic has a sweet tooth, but there is one treat that is a step above the rest — the mighty crepe. This favorite treat originated in the French province of …

Spring Hosting: Sweet & Spicy Chicken Kebabs


The weather in Chicago is definitely on the moody front but it doesn’t stop us from entertaining and filling our social calendars from now throughout September.

Indoor entertainment and hosting: One of the trickiest things with indoor hosting and entertaining …

Puff Pastry Almond Croissants


At the Chicago Chic, we’re obsessed with a few things- one of which is Almond croissants with our morning coffee. We’ve found the perfect recipe for you by Jessica Merchant and tried it…. we give it a 5 star rating …