Our picks on foodie spots in Chicago

The Art of Ingredients with Enrica Rocca


If you don’t like people who love Chicago, good prosecco and quality ingredients, then you should probably stop reading this now. If you do like these types of people, then you’re about to become obsessed with Italian chef, restaurateur and …

One Concept, Many Flavors


Fondue has history steeped in Swiss, French, and American cultures — and cheese fondue is a quintessentially Swiss dining concept. Originating in the 18th century, it is said that those who had limited access to food would mix cheese …

Mixology Magic in Andersonville


When you get to Cantina 1910, head straight upstairs and sit yourself down at the bar, because that is where the magic happens. Beverage Director and Mixologist Michael Fawthrop (formerly of The Aviary) has designed one seriously masterful cocktail …

Where to Celebrate Bastille Day 2015


Next Tuesday, July 14th is Bastille Day, but you don’t have to be under the Eiffel Tower to celebrate. Throughout Chicago, there are plenty of restaurants that offer deals or just a cozy French-like atmosphere to bask in. Here are …

Brass Monkey, That Funky Monkey


Where else can you visit a place (besides your grandparent’s basement) that houses shelves of vinyl records, serves throwback cocktails, offers fried bologna sandwiches, and plays funky tunes of 70’s flare?

Taking over an entire city block of Morgan between …

Secrets of Lula Cafe


Even before the hype of the Logan Square restaurant-scene escalated, Lula Cafe has been a secret neighborhood gem for over a decade. Adopting the “Farm-to-Table” concept early on in Chicago, Lula Cafe continues to serve up seasonal and creative food …

What No One Tells You About the Frontier


Frontier pays homage to old-school ideas of the American West while transforming its indigenous ingredients into modern-day concepts. Located in West Town’s Milwaukee Avenue, this communal restaurant pushes the envelope with its wild protein based dishes, its whole nose-to-tail animal …