How to live an eco-friendly lifestyle


If you don’t already know Ashlee Piper, get ready. She been making quite the splash when it comes to changing the way people think about going green. Initially, she began as a political advisor in Washington D.C. but soon realized 

Modern Lovin’ with Luv Talk


We’ve all been there- it starts with what seems like the perfect match when it comes to relationships, which we all seek. Then the slow demise- you end up changing your FB status to ‘it’s complicated’.  According to best selling

6 Incubators in Chicago You Should Know


The “Windy City” is certainly winning when it comes to entrepreneurship. There is a plethora of resources and events around us to inspire action and motivation. Since having a community of support is key to entrepreneurial success, lucky for us, …

Celebrating Mama’s Day: Fresh Ideas


Ever since I’ve become a mother, my perspective on Mother’s day has changed: it’s become a day where I truly want to celebrate, applaud and appreciate mothers in every corner of this planet. I would like to thank all mothers …