How to Stay on Trend This Holiday Season



Even though the weather isn’t on our side, Christmas is just around the corner! I’ll admit it holiday parties are the highlight of my Christmas season. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up in your most glamorous outfit and hit …

Once You Krispop, You Just Can’t Stop


Get ready for a MAJOR sugar craving. The sweets coming out of Caitlin Lee’s kitchen are enough to make anyone welcome a self-induced sugar coma with open arms. With desserts under her belt like Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls, Krispops, Cotton …

The Art of Ingredients with Enrica Rocca


If you don’t like people who love Chicago, good prosecco and quality ingredients, then you should probably stop reading this now. If you do like these types of people, then you’re about to become obsessed with Italian chef, restaurateur and …

Fall Fashion Trends with TopShop


As the leaves change colors we are changing our wardrobe.  Prepping for Fall is a must for a soft transition from Summer to Fall. Fall is the best time to play with your style by layering. Mix and matching different …

The Ultimate End of Summer Chicago Bucket List


Our days are numbered, friends.

Sure, today you might be sweating in the sunshine at your favorite neighborhood sidewalk café, but as Game of Thrones lovers & lifelong Chicagoans will tell you… winter is coming!

Whether they be Polar Vortexes, …

10 Character Traits of Taurean Men


I was always fascinated by the mystics of the stars and everything new age-y since I was 13. I believed in horoscopes, zodiac signs and planets actually affecting your life. After an intense heartbreak at 14, I vowed to spend …