Brooke Garber Neidich: A Chicago Gem



In Chicago’s Gold Coast, right beside the Four Seasons Hotel, sits an upscale jewelry store, Sidney Garber. Walking past, selected pieces of featured jewelry glisten and shimmer from the vignette window, instantly drawing you in to see what else this …

Local Success spotlight: Nevena Zee


When I moved to Chicago, I knew no one. I had friends who have introduced me to friends that live in this city. Through them, I met some inspiring and hardworking people that never give up. Their laser sharp focus, …

Foraging in the ‘City’ at Elizabeth


I have been following Elizabeth, a relatively new restaurant, since it opened in 2012. The concept of the restaurant intrigued me with its communal seating and three complex menus named Owl, Deer and Diamond. These menus had different lengths, themes …

Allison & her Jewelry wonderland



Meet Allison Slingluff, your Chicago talent. Born in Berwyn, IL and raised in Chicago’s sweet Hinsdale area, Allison has had jewelery making on her mind since youth. Graduating from University of Iowa in metal working and jewelry, Allison then moved …

Sartoria Marconi by Paco Giuliani


Ladies and gentle men, I’m proud to announce that my dear friend Paco has finally launched a sartorial blazer line that goes by SARTORIA MARCONI. I have been wishing for all men to dress like Paco with his simple Italian …