#GirlBoss Series

#GirlBoss: Page Barker & her Pilates Studio


One of the sweetest fitness experts you’ll come across, Page Barker is one calm and collected Pilates instructor (and entrepreneur) with Southern charm that’s hard to miss. Her Pilates studio holds a zen, relaxed vibe that’s rare to find – …


How to live an eco-friendly lifestyle


If you don’t already know Ashlee Piper, get ready. She been making quite the splash when it comes to changing the way people think about going green. Initially, she began as a political advisor in Washington D.C. but soon realized 

Modern Lovin’ with Luv Talk


We’ve all been there- it starts with what seems like the perfect match when it comes to relationships, which we all seek. Then the slow demise- you end up changing your FB status to ‘it’s complicated’.  According to best selling