Don’t Miss the Frida Kahlo Exhibit


It’s been 36 years (1978) since the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago presented world renowned Mexican surrealist artist Frida Kahlo’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States. “Unbound: Contemporary Art After Frida Kahlo,” a show presented by the …

Currently Obsessing: Donald Drawbertson



Social media and networking is a growing platform which gives artists, fashionistas, photographers, and many other people from around the world a direct voice and line of interaction to millions of other social media users who are either near, or …

Light Installations by Massimo Uberti


Uberti paints, sculpts and recreates spaces by inserting elegant neon tubes that create secondary reality-altering 3D forms.

The core of Uberti’s philosophy is the process of reduction. His efforts are almost always directed toward reducing his works to their essence, …

Jack Hughes’ wonderful Illustrations


The wonderful internet- it just brings you closer and closer to everyone, everywhere. I came across this Illustrateor and wow.. he’s good. Jack Hughes has a distinct style and you’ll notice. I thought I should share  some of his work …

Philip Seymour Hoffman 1967-2014


There’s only a handful of truly talented actors and directors that we can think about. Phil (as people call him) was a passionate workaholic that always looked for the ‘truth’ in his work. His mission was to create reality of …

SOFA Chicago


Don’t know if you’ve heard SOFA fair, it’s one of my favorite happenings in Chicago. In fact, if I lived in any other state, I would come to it besides Art Basel Miami and a handful of others. So …

An Art Gallery of a home in Chicago


Home Sweet Home

In our newly launched Chic Home series, we will introduce to you some of Chicago’s most beautiful and unique homes. We get to explore neighborhoods, admire architecture and decor all with the aim to inspire our own …