Remarkable Travel Experience in Spain, Europe


If you love the sun, the beach and that romantic vibe of Southern Europe, I know your next travel destination—Spain! It really is a perfect destination that just keeps on giving. Think metropolitan cities like Madrid, think picturesque medieval towns


Glamping 101 – Camping with a Dash of Luxe


This godsend of a trend has made the idea of camping much more appealing to those of us who aren’t too keen on completely untamed “bugs-crawling-into-my-tent-in-the-rain” nature. Some of us like, nay, love the idea of comfortable nights in the

City Lights: a beacon of hope & prosperity


In 1931, Charlie Chaplin made a silent film “City Lights”, a film that succinctly captures the idea and attraction to ‘city lights’.  A tramp falls in love with the blind girl. His noble struggle to help her recover from medical

How to party safely at Music Festivals


Attending a music festival is a unique experience and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Being a part of the festival crowd sets you in a very specific state of mind where you can feel incredibly free to act and be …