Baby Chic with Mark & Cate Gutter

This post was originally posted Sept 1, 2013.

I’d like to welcome you to our new Baby Chic section, featuring cute little muse, Chicago’s Mark Gutter and his vibrant Mama, Cate Gutter.

We enjoyed spending time with  Bonpoint’s stylist and store manager, Jenner Pearson’s efforts in putting together a few outfits for fall 2013.

Stylish clothing for babies by Bon Point

Cute little Mr. Gutter in stylish Bon Point clothing

Detail shots of this cute little sweater

Mark Gutter

While taking these adorable photos of Mark, we’ve had a chat with entrepreneur Cate Gutter, who specialises in delicious cake baking at her local Bakery, Whisked By Cate. Cate is originally from NC and moved to Chicago a few years ago, welcoming her son Mark and recently Rowe (May 2015). She started her baking business completely organically through friends and family who loved her cakes. We meet Cate and Mark for a fashion photo shoot but also for a quick Q&A about motherhood.

You told us you’re not from Chicago so this must all be exciting. As a new Chicago mum, what makes Chicago a good place for having children?

Chicago is a very walkable city, which makes it easy for strolling. My son, Mark, loves to be pushed in his stroller, and there are so many great baby destinations. Every morning, Mark and I walk down Lake Michigan and pop into a few of our favorite stores on the way home.

Practical tips for new mums in the city: 

Get a stroller with a basinet so that the newborn can get a great view of the city. I’ve also found that the NPN organization in Chicago is also a great resource for new parents. It offers discounts for new moms and kid friendly events.

Baby related advice:

Mark really likes movement, so a stroll or car ride helps ease him to sleep. It’s also never too early to establish a bed time routine so the baby can differentiate between night and day – you’ll appreciate the extra sleep! Also, Bellefit is a great line for post- partum moms to help them get their shape back. They have options for women who had C-sections, like myself, to help support the incision. Another tip I’ve learned: get your rest while your baby sleeps!

Little Mark resting

Favorite Baby Fashion:

Some of the more affordable and cute lines are Baby Gap and Zara. For a splurge, an outfit from Bonpoint would be a great spot!

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