The 4 min financial advice that can save your future

Hey there, here’s the deal: if you have 4 minutes, then keep reading. If not then go away and come back when you do. Sound good?

You’re going to spend 2 of these precious 4 minutes reading the rest of this article. Then, you are going to spend the next 2 minutes actually doing something that is worth $250,000 over the course of your life.

Is your interest piqued? It should be.

The short of it is this: your credit score and report matter. So much so that having a good score versus a bad score is worth the aforementioned $250,000. This shows up in a variety of ways, mainly though, it will be in the interest rates you get on your credit card, mortgage, car loans, and other forms of debt.

Note to Remember:

High credit score = lower interest rates = good

Low credit score = Higher interest rates = Bad

Without discussing the scores themselves, and since I only have one more minute, I will end by telling you about Credit Karma. If you don’t use it already, you need it. It is actually 100% free and it will not hurt your credit score to use the site.

You must proactively monitor your credit score starting now. It is that important so you can protect your score, build your score, and make sure you stay ahead of the curve so there are no surprises when you go to buy a home, get a car loan, or whatever else requires a credit check (even some jobs do now – crazy!).

At Holberg Financial, only 25% of people are actively monitoring their score when they start working with us however, 100% do after we talk to them about the importance of knowing and building your score. We consider it absolutely essential to creating a financially healthy life.

Fortunately, it’s simple, fast, and as promised, it only takes 2 minutes to set up a Credit Karma account.

So do it. Spend your next 2 minutes on this. Go. Now.

If you want to know more about the scores themselves, hit us up either on our website at or shoot us your most burning credit score questions!

This post is adapted from Joe’s new book Rogue Finances: The “Un-System” Designed to Help You Become Financially Healthy, Successful, and Awesome.


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