Currently Obsessing: Retrosuperfuture x Andy Warhol Sunglasses Collection


Today marks the official launch of the much-anticipated collaboration between Milan-based luxury sunglasses brand, Retrosuperfuture, and the Andy Warhol Archives foundation. This collaboration is undeniably a match made in majorly-perfect-sunglasses-heaven, no wonder why it is the second time they have joined forces!

I can only imagine that hunting through the official Andy Warhol archives is an overwhelmingly inspirational process, filled of gems and iconic pieces that any pop-art fanatic would do “who-knows-what” to get their hands on. I’m so impressed that the designers of Retrosuperfuture were able to narrow down their main inspiration for this line to four simplistic, quirky ink-drawn doodles.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 9.20.26 PM

These drawings, which were created in 1957 to be featured in a women’s eyewear ad for a newspaper, make up fancy-faced ladies wearing unique and imagined shades. There could not have been a more perfect inspiration to pull from- it’s as if Warhol made these predicting a contemporary sunglasses line would dedicate a collection to him!


The designer’s of Retrosuperfuture have endlessly explored the archives to put together a thoughtfully eclectic line that fuses visual art and eyewear into a contemporary product. In addition to extensive research, this collaboration resulted in four styles of sunglasses that captures different personality types which are named: BabyBaby, NicoLou, VelvetDarling, and UltraCandy. These sunglasses are surreal and unique- a perfect final touch to make any outfit standout. This line is innovative, stylish, and perfect for all art lovers! Now available at!



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