The David Bowie Exhibit comes to Chicago!

First in London (of course) and then Toronto. Third in row is Chicago, this September! So brace yourselves David Bowie fans, his exhibition is soon to hit Chi- Town at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Successfully realised at the Victoria and Albert Museum in March 2013, the show makes its American debut in Chicago showcasing the icon’s evolution, focusing on his creative processes—beginning with his formative years as David Robert Jones in post–World War II London—and his collaborative efforts with other artists and designers. The exhibit as a whole explores Bowie’s artistic life both as  a pioneering musician and persona, influenced and was influenced by simultaneous art movements.

“His constant reinvention and strategic image management help us understand the popular culture of today,” explains Michael Darling, the museum’s James W. Alsdorf chief curator. “We also feel it is important to look outside the realm of the visual arts for clues to what is important in contemporary culture, and David Bowie’s career is a compelling analogue to what has been happening in other creative fields over the past 40 years.”

More than 300 items will be on display as part of the immersive experience, including costumes, photography, album artwork, handwritten lyrics, original fashions and set designs culled from Bowie’s decades-long career.

Some highlights include my very favourite, his Freddie Burretti–designed Ziggy Stardust bodysuits (1972); clips from films and live performances, including his appearance on Saturday Night Live (1979); and previouslyunseen storyboards and tour footage.


Tickets go on sale July 31; exhibit runs September 23 through January 4, 2015; 220 E. Chicago Ave.; 312-280-2660; MCA Chicago

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