Discover the charms of New Caledonia – a hidden jewel of the Pacific Ocean

Searching for a charming place to spend your upcoming holiday? New Caledonia is all you ever wanted. The pristine sun-soaked beaches, friendly locals along with extraordinary culture and history will leave you speechless. The Paris of the Pacific, as it is often called, is best visited during the period from May to September as there are no heavy rains and you can enjoy your time at the beaches. Avoid February, as it is generally the hottest month and you don’t want to be in the sweltering heat.

The area is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its biodiversity and natural wonders that are waiting for you to discover them.

The locals make the place very charming

One of the things that makes New Caledonia special is the hospitality of the locals. They’re always willing to tell you all about their interesting history. For example, the place has been an overseas territory of France since 1950s. Don’t be discouraged if you hear locals speak their many languages you can’t understand. Some of them are very fluent in French and English.

Noumea locals

You’ll be able to chat with them about everything you want to in no time. They like it when foreigners join them in their traditions and customs. They are well known for their unique clothing and jewellery. Try to learn some new skills and make your own clothes that you’ll be wearing all the time when you return home. This could be an excellent opportunity to create some souvenirs for your friends as well. Everywhere you look you will see people joyfully dancing to the vibes of the local music. Buskers in the streets will invite you to share some positive energy. Don’t be afraid if you are not good at dancing, the masters of dance will show you how to do it.

What to visit

The pearl of Pacific is brimming with natural wonders. Make an itinerary of the best things to explore. If you are not sure you will have all the right places to discover, you can always opt to pick one of the New Caledonia packages. This will allow you to relax and not worry about making a plan yourself. Just book a flight and put yourself in the capable hands of people who help you experience the most of what New Caledonia has to offer.

Ile des Pins

The beautiful Anse Vata Beach is definitely a must see. If you’re good at swimming, this windy place is ideal for you. You can use this holiday to get fit, as there are numerous water sports you could take up out there. Locals love windsurfing and scuba diving. You will get toned muscles and ditch all the stress from everyday worries if you choose to try stand up paddle boarding. Locals are mad about this water activity and you can bond with them if you seek some advice on how to do it.


The hidden gem of New Caledonia are Loyalty Islands. Their Plage de Luengoni is perfect if you want to take a few days off. Due to its crystal clear water and soothing environment, it resembles an open-air spa. If you are interested in the wildlife of New Caledonia, you will love seeing numerous turtles at this beach. You can even go swimming with them.

Kendu beach is the right choice for those who don’t want any hustle and bustle. No one will bother you at this sun-kissed beach. It is completely secluded and covered in sand so you could simply unwind in the most peaceful surroundings.

Ile des Pins1

Isle of Pines or Pine Island is brimming with intact nature. The smiling locals are easy-going and they’ll show you how to appreciate the moments in your life. Visiting the Nga peak will leave you speechless. It’s among the World Heritage sites and it’s incredibly beautiful. Visit the Oro Bay natural pool and have the time of your life.


Amedee Island is perfect for a day trip. There’s a sandy beach equipped with chairs and sun loungers. Be sure to bond with the locals who will show you how to tie a sarong. Go snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding.

Explore the best museum of New Caledonia

What you need to check out is the famous museum located in Noumea – Tjibaou Cultural Centre Noumea. The very architecture of the building is extraordinary. There are frequent exhibitions, so plan ahead which one to visit. You could explore the trails of New Caledonia native people and learn a lot about their culture.

Tjibaou Cultural Centre Noumea

Go shopping

If you are interested in shopping, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a place where all the French designer stores are. The best of all – you can buy those items at affordable prices. Go to Rue de Sébastopol and get some things you have always dreamed of having.

Indulge all your senses at the charming hidden jewel of the Pacific Ocean. New Caledonia is a good fit no matter what you need. Whether you feel like swimming, exploring the local culture or shopping, this place is full of activities waiting for you!

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