These Dresses are all you need this Summer

This summer has a whole new batch of fun fashion ideas- one of the many joys of changing seasons for a lot of style enthusiasts. While a full wardrobe overhaul is usually a little excessive, it’s always wise to pick a few new staples for the season. In this post we’ll take a quick look at a few of the fun trends we’re seeing in summer dresses.

Bare Shoulders

We actually highlighted bare shoulders back in April before summer arrived- and dresses and tops that fall under this umbrella are still some of the instagramed OOTD looks for the year and we suspect that it would stay for a while. Who doesn’t want to bare a little more skin to the warm summer sun? A bare-shouldered dress keeps you comfortable and allows you to feel that summer glow settling in. It also happens to be a carefree look, one that tends be quite suited in lighter colors we love for the hotter months.



Courtesy Margot & Me


Every year there’s always a simple design trend that takes hold. In 2017, it looks like stripes are the way to go. Cosmo’s list of the hottest spring and summer trends features stripes in all kinds of styles making this one of the more versatile looks of the year. A light, striped dress, maybe with a white or off-white base and colorful streaks, is right in line with the year’s looks.


Crinkled Dresses

The cheery look can be just what you want during the summer, and nothing pulls it off quite like a crinkled dress. It’s a great way to add texture to your look and Roaman’s plus size dress collection actually demonstrates the trend quite well with a variety of styles from maxis to off the shoulder styles. The idea of a billowing, colorful dress with a crinkled hem or skirt nails the ideal summer look this year. You’ll always look like you’re somewhere in between the beach, the poolside, and the city which is pretty much where we want to be this time of year anyway!

Courtesy Everyday Pursuits

Slip Dresses

If you want to go in the opposite direction and away from the billowy look, more toward a sensual style, a slip dress might be the way to go. These simple, undergarment-inspired pieces seem to be popping up everywhere and have been particularly popular with celebrities lately. We’d still recommend you keep the color tones light and friendly to suit the season, possibly contrasting well with that fresh summer tan and glow.


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