Celebrating Mama’s Day: Fresh Ideas

Ever since I’ve become a mother, my perspective on Mother’s day has changed: it’s become a day where I truly want to celebrate, applaud and appreciate mothers in every corner of this planet. I would like to thank all mothers out there for all their bravery, hard work and endless challenges that they go through- it’s not easy! So, thank you mamas for all that you do!

Moving onto the fun bit… Gifting! As a tradition, gifting for mothers Day has been of high importance in my household growing up. It was given more importance than birthdays or other holidays. With my Egyptian background, our culture values mothers above all else and we were taught of the importance to appreciate mothers from a very young age. Gifting had to be sweet but also thoughtful. Have a look at my finds below!

Here are some gift ideas for mom’s kitchen, hosting & garden activities:

Other gift ideas for her beauty & relaxation: 

And a few additional, fun ideas:

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