Gina Scalpone & her love for beauty

Gina greeted me with a big hug and a huge warm smile. Chicagoans are truly the warmest people you’ll meet and they’re also the most hard working and dedicated individuals that have genuine interest in what they do. Michael Douglas said I’m impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work’. Scalpone has been working for more than a decade in the fashion and beauty industry starting out as a stylist at popular hairdresser Mario Traccoci before launching Glamhairus in 2010.

Glamhairus is a full fledged beauty business that offers wardrobe, hair & makeup consulting as well as how to ‘spray tan’ for when the winter hits this town! Gina and her Glam Squad have worked on events and individuals alike transforming men & women from head to toe. She has been featured on several TV channels, – a popular wedding website and several publications for helping women through tutorials on YouTube and on her website. Gina has styled American Idol start and now, she’s starting a new jewellery & accessory line- watch her space!



She’s even put together some bridal makeup put on specially for this shoot, for all the brides to be this summer!

Gina is a free spirit and a softly spoken person with a voice so gentle that reminds you of spa music, cupcakes & your childhood bed-time stories. Here’s getting to know Gina.


I was born in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I have an older brother, Vince and lots of cousins. Yes, I’m Italian… and German. Most of my family lives in the Chicagoland area and we’re a pretty close family which is great because I get to see them a lot.

Chicago compares with..

No other city! Chicago is such a unique city and I’m lucky to call it home. The best thing about Chicago is the diversity and all the excitement. There’s always a street fest, new restaurant opening up, or a great park/neighborhood to visit.  The people are very approachable and down to earth.


Chicagos Style

Chicago’s style scene is all over the place. On any given day you can see a number of women looking super chic, casual  or interesting. It all really depends on where you are and what time of the day or year it is. Chicago is a melting pot so you’re bound to find inspiration on every corner. I think Chicago ladies get their inspiration from designers worn by celebrities and magazines in general.  I sure do!

But if you’re asking me about typical Chicago style, it is what I would call ‘safe’ style. I would love to see that change!  Like when you’re walking down the street and you see one creative outfit after another.  That would be awesome. I hope to inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and be more creative with their wardrobes.


The importance of dressing better

Looks are very important especially in a first meeting.  I think they are telling to your personality regardless of where you are going or what you are doing.  Think of how different you feel when you put a pair of heels on or when you’re more polished. I feel empowered and have more confidence!

On Women & competitiveness :

Yes, women can be intimated and/or jealous of other women. I wish that wasn’t the case.  I would love a world where we all help each other feel better and praise one another silently or out loud.  Where we lift each other up and support one another.  Where we realize one woman’s strength is another ones weakness. Where we can all learn from one another. We all have special gifts and talents.  That’s what makes us unique from one another.  For example, other women think I might be unapproachable or unfriendly. They judge a book by It’s cover.   When they spend more time talking to me,  they realize I am the opposite and very down to earth and personable.  I’ve heard that many times. 



On Success

I come from a family of business owners, so it’s definitely in my blood to hustle and be independent.  My dad pushed me to think outside the box a lot in business. He always talked to me about another way to get the end result. I’m lucky to have such a wise and supportive mentor. My family was always supportive of me marching to my own beat and I’m very grateful for that. They mean the world to me!

If you had to do it all over again

I would have started up on my own 10 years sooner!  I was scared to take that leap from an employee to an entrepreneur but now, 4 years in, I could never look back.

How I relax

Right now I’m enjoying boating season, bike riding along the lake, and visiting all the newly opened rooftops (most of them have amazing skyline views of the city). In my free time, you can usually find me at the park with my dog, practicing yoga, enjoying a meal at an outdoor restaurant with friends or traveling when I can.


Visitor Tips

I live & work in the Gold Coast area of Chicago, so here are tips for the area: for an awesome outdoor experience with great people watching, I would say Tavern on Rush or The Nico at Thompson Hotel. As far as rooftops go, right now Godfrey is the place to be. For great food and atmosphere I would say Oak Street Bistro.


What’s exciting me right now

I dig Eatly. I feel right at home with my Italian roots there- excellent food & wine, all carefully selected.


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