Glamping 101 – Camping with a Dash of Luxe


This godsend of a trend has made the idea of camping much more appealing to those of us who aren’t too keen on completely untamed “bugs-crawling-into-my-tent-in-the-rain” nature. Some of us like, nay, love the idea of comfortable nights in the great outdoors, enjoying all the perks such as fresh air and clear skies without relinquishing the right to a decent shower.


Glamping, ladies and gents, is the perfect both worlds have to offer. It mixes the beauty of the civilized world with the unparalleled freedom one can experience only when reunited with Mother Nature. So, if you’re keen on trying out this wonderful trend, the following can be your guide for the essentials that make glamping so damn “glampurous”!

Look into the right spots

Are you a summer-loving beach person eager to dip their toes into the ocean? Or would you prefer the secluded silence of a heavily wooded area with all of its flora and fauna at your very doorstep? Maybe you’re both, or somewhere in between, but whichever makes you all warm and fuzzy, make sure to check if there are true glamping options in the regions that you’re interested in.


For example, if you’re up for meeting the famous Aussie outback, then Longitude 131 could be your cup of tea, with the right amount of rugged wild and comfort mixed together. On the other hand, you can go to a beachside hut in Mexico and enjoy a weekend away from the hustle of the city.

Hack the packing list

It’s camping we’re talking about after all, and you cannot underestimate the importance of a solid, but simple checklist for the items you’ll need to bring. Yes, of course, your destination of choice already holds the majority of the most important items but remember that you’ll also have the chance to explore the surrounding nature and venture into the unknown.


Prepare yourself by packing high-quality camping equipment, which includes comfortable, but durable clothes suitable for hikes, a waterproof backpack for your on-the-go essentials, and a few handy tools. A multi-functional Swiss army knife is always a great choice, but on a more glamorous note, a portable coffee maker can be useful for greeting that sunrise!

Choose the right accommodation

Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of certain accommodation options – they might be the ones hiding the lushest bed or the most incredible lighting of all. Much like its traditional counterpart, glamping has a wide array of stay options, from small, transparent tents, which are still well-equipped and incredibly comfortable, you might find yourself wanting to move in.


Then there are tree-houses which are perfect for those winter getaways by the fire, bungalows by the sea, tipis with an incredible view, and safari tents which are gaining more and more popularity for their beauty and comfort combined.

Check for perks

There is glamping, and then there is the dream-come-true version of glamping that looks and feels like pure bliss wrapped into a toasty chocolate brownie that never ends. Or goes stale. Yes, there are entire resorts devoted to glamping that not only rent out accommodation but also come with a wide spectrum of pampering options to soothe your soul and restore your wellbeing.


Outdoor, starlit dinners, horseback riding, wine tasting, hot springs, massages, yoga classes in the fresh air, you name it, these resorts have you covered. All you have to do is find something that’s to your liking, move in, and never come back.

Munch up the menu

If by any chance you couldn’t possibly go to a glamping resort that has an all-inclusive menu of yummy goodness, you have no choice but to create your own. You’d be surprised how just a little bit of fancy food can go a long way in turning up the glam in your camping trip.


Anything that teases your palate, such as this raspberry lemonade that doubles as a cocktail, or a chocolate fondue with some caramel to spice up those cool evenings by the fire. Bring out your quilted blanket, take a seat below the stars and enjoy those bites of luxury!

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