A traveling nomad: meet Grant Legan

There are the talented that inspire their local community and there are others that go beyond talent, challenging the norms and creating cult, style and trend. Chicago is home to budding talent that sprouts into third culture, global talent and change makers. People like Grant Legan are just made for success- a people’s person, grateful, accepting and curious. He dares to take that extra step though travel, photographic experimentation and going against the book, making him a master of his own style. When I first met him, I knew that his life and career would not settle for Chicago, but go beyond North America. Here’s his story:

A quick bio: Born & raised in Illinois (Winfield & Geneva), with a big family that he refers to as ‘My everything’, Grant has started exploring through the lens by wandering and adventuring through abandoned and derelict buildings . He’s grown up loving to draw, sing, and play dress up with his siblings. An entertainer by trait, he grew up never wanting others to feel left out or bored and filled his time however way he could. Grant has attempted many avenues of creativity landing him with a degree in Graphic design from St. Ambrose in Iowa. Interests range from- scream singing in the car alone, travel and the stars.



Who is Grant?
Hello world! I’m obsessed with travel. Always looking for something new to experience. Love the flow and energy of meeting new people. Always excited for what’s next.

List a few cities you’ve traveled to

Australia, Thailand, Colombia, China, Bahrain, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Amsterdam.  Just to name a few. I enjoy so much of other cultures and seeing the world. I simply can’t stop

Your Chicago:

I am constantly on the go and on the move. Chicago is a great home base as I continue to travel constantly. The midwest is has always been and continues to be good to me, I would like to have a place here, but continue to be on the move for work and adventure. There’s also a great creative movement in Chicago happening and I am proud to be part of it. (2013) The chicago skyline, seen from anywhere, is always a refreshing site. Makes me proud to be in this city and realize there is so much happening (here) all the time.
Chicago feels small most days, but seeing the skyline causes me to remember how big it is, and how big the world is as well. 
What have you brought back from your travels and how is the fashion and the community benefiting from your inspirations?
One thing I have learned is that people are wonderful anywhere you go, if you share common interests and characters. The world is vast and filled with inspiring people. But those same people live right around the block from you or down the street or even the next town over. Traveling has taught me that anything is possible and that everything that is a part of our life was made by people. It’s people that make life happen. If you are driven, passionate and kind you will do great things in your life. I find myself attracted to similar minded people through their kindness, creativity and overall inspiration in my own city while making new like minded friends in other cities.


Who’s your style icon

I dont know if I necessary have an icon that I look up to. I look up to James Dean and Cary Grant for their lifestyle.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt also has great style and a radical outlook on life. I wanna be like him when I grow upppp haha!
How did you become a success at what you do?
It’s people. I have met some amazing creatives and great business men. They have led me to great jobs and helped me to grow. I would be no where without them.
And what keeps you going and motivated?
I find my most eye opening moments happen when I am in an unfamiliar place. People inspire me every day. Motivation…being passionate about what I love to do and hearing stories from others about what they love to do. It strengthens. I constantly set new challenges for myself, getting over the next obstacle is what keeps me going.

Speaking of strength, what’s made you stronger?
Honestly, probably traveling. I know I keep talking about it, but seeing new places and meeting new people has taught me so much. It has made me a better person. I like that quote from the film into the wild – “the core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences”.

I know you’re spontaneous and it’s your success mantra. But any future plans?
Oh lots. But I try not to think about them too much. I like taking it one day at a time.
Grant is an American fashion photographer, celebrated on Instagram with great edge and style. Visit: www.grantlegan.com  and Instagram.


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