The Harem Pant

Harem pants have been gaining plenty of attention lately, so if you’re sporting one then you’re bang on trend. Originally worn by women or the harem, a literal translation for women (Arabic), in the ancient Arabian Penninsula, the harem pant has been a part of many cultures that still exist today. Pakistani Shalwars and  other South Asian traditional attire have continued to fashionably embrace the trend, making it a remarkable cultural association.

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Photo courtesy


The pants are loose and are seen to be a cross between a skirt and skinny leggings on the bottom (calves/ankle). It is flattering for most figures and can certainly give you that relaxed look. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I love how comfortable they are and that they can transform from day to night, any day, any time!

William Vaughn Tupper

Photo: William Vaughn Tupper


There are different fabrics, fits and folds. You must find the one that suits you best but my advice would be: keep it simple!


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Some are worn all the way upto the waist and others are worn on top of your hips.. both have flattering, feminine looks- it all depends on what fits best on you and/or what you feel most comfortable in.

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Looking for Harem pants? Here are a few to fit most budgets:



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