#Girlboss: Chicago’s Best, Heidy Best

It was super windy and grim when I first met Heidy. I was experiencing Chicago’s first cold weather attack, out of no where. Not too happy about the weather, I still managed to meet Heidy who had a warm smile and a great attitude overall. Her aura of happiness and smiles is quite contagious, I instantly felt her bubbly energy and changed my outlook on the day!

One of Chicago’s top fashion and style advisors, Ms. Heidy Best is known for her polished and glam style that she proudly portrays through her work as a chic Chicago Stylist. Heidy’s years of experience has allowed her to work with many body shapes and many styles with her mission consistently focused on making her client feel good, comfortable and confident in what they wear. Her style in her own words is ‘Body conscious and unpredictable’. After finding her success in her ability to style her clients and make them confident through fashion while celebrating their bodies, she started BECLOTHESMINDED which has given her an opportunity to work with high profile clients such as Kelly Clarkson, Leann Rimes to Dr. Oz & Jonathan Adler. If you like style worn on The Oprah Show and the likes, think of Heidy for she’s had a hand in dressing personalities at Harpo Productions, Modern Luxury and more. Let’s meet Heidy and get inspired!

Heidy’s passion for style and fashion started quite early, “I remember when I would visit my Grandmother I would always go through her jewelry and try on her rings.  She had such an interesting collection.  Some rings just had cool gemstones while others were more intricate.  I remember one specifically because it had detailed outline of a butterfly and she loved butterflies so I knew it was special to her!”. Besides inspirations from home, Heidy is quite a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s style. I’ve always believed that Aniston is a great representation of an all American Style which has taken the world by storm through her hair cuts, dress sense (think Friends, the show) and much more, “She looks great in everything and has fun with fashion.”. Heidy is all about looking great while having fun with what you wear. I asked Heidy who is on her dream style/dress list, “Being a redhead I would love to dress Jessica Chastain”.

Heidy fell in love with Chicago at first sight, “After high school, I wanted to move to Chicago and then New York.  Driving on Lake Shore Drive to my apartment, I knew I was home and never left. Even though the buildings were taller than I was used to I felt a welcoming that I’m not sure I would have gotten anywhere else at 19”. I admire a women who knows what she wants.

How has this city influenced and inspired your work?

Chicago is fast-paced and I love that! I’m constantly running from point A to Z with only minutes to spare in between to get everything done.  It’s crazy but I prefer that type of day as opposed to just sitting at a desk.

People think there are more stylish cities than Chicago, what would you say to that?

I would say that while there are a lot of stylish cities out there Chicago is right up there with New York and Los Angeles when it comes to fashion.  What’s most impressive to me is that this doesn’t necessarily mean wearing high-end designers head to toe.  It’s about mixing and matching high-end pieces with lesser-known designers creating a look that’s independent, refreshing and authentic.

Who would you like to invite to Chicago and show around?

I would love to have Rachel Zoe visit Chicago as my guest.  It would be great to show her some of my favorite boutiques that are unique to our city. I would for sure take her to meet local designers that I like. I would also love to see her perspective on great locations for photo shoots that maybe haven’t been utilized before.

As a stylist, how do you celebrate your age fashionably?

I would take a single item like a black dress and show how each age owns their look differently.
> 20’s: “LBD”. It’s either backless or has a plunging front.
> 30’s: She is paying attention to current designers and bought her first Herve Leger black one shoulder dress.
> 40’s: She loves her arms thanks to Pilates so she still rocks sleeveless black fitted dresses for dinners out with her husband.
> 50/60’s: She likes her arms covered but her legs look like Tina Turner’s so she makes sure to pay attention to hem lengths and has a great tailor on call!

What would you personally never wear?

I would never wear overalls.

A timeless staple fashion item?

Skinny jeans.  Enough women are wearing them the right way so it’s a trend that will stick around for seasons to come.

Inspiration: What keeps you going and what motivates you to succeed:

I would say that although I am proud of my accomplishments I truly am in awe of so many others for paving the way for young female entrepreneurs like myself.  I have always looked up to Corri McFadden, (founder of eDrop-Off) as someone who had a great idea and turned it into an insane business model! I want that same kind of success for myself and I want to give other women a reason to take a leap of faith and follow their dreams as well.

Your biggest challenge, how did you overcome it as an entrepreneur?

I would say my biggest challenge was taking this leap.  Once I put 110% into making this successful there was no turning back.  I think the biggest mistake any entrepreneur can make is doing everything herself, even the things they do not have a background in. My PR team has been responsible for connecting my business to new markets and I have a great web designer who can make any necessary changes to my website in his sleep. Since they’re so great at what they do, I can focus on what I’m great at – styling my clients!


Heidy wears Philip Lim for Target & Loft Jewelry 


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