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The Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue), boasts all International fashion brands, Top retailers such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and can easily be compared to New York’s Fifth Avenue. A scatter of hotels are on the strip but none of them would compare to this gem of a hotel that can easily be one of the top urban boutique hotels for you to add to your list.


The James hotel is the perfect example of curated public space- the furniture, decor, atmosphere and art all over the hotel give it this ‘richer-than-average’ feel in comparison to all other boutique hotels. This is not a luxury hotel, but you can certainly feel the luxury in design and style within the rooms and public spaces. Every step I took around the hotel gave me that feeling of cultural satisfaction – it’s like walking into a live Pinterest board labeled Haute Design. The James hotel is a new chain of Hotels and Chicago proudly offers home to the flagship hotel.

Art everywhere- there’s art in public spaces and the rooms. In their own words:

OUR COMMITMENT TO ART IS A NATURAL ONE: It has blossomed from the creative seeds born in the neighbourhoods we call home. Every space in each James Hotel property is carefully curated with one-of-a-kind works from local and international artists, an homage to the vibrant artistic communities that thrive around us.

Highly polished and equipped with the trendiest of interior furnishing, bath and decor you can find yourself easily appreciating almost any object your eyes fall upon. The feel? Easy, light, cultured and timelessly chic. Yep, this is, my dear friends, a true Chicago chic.

The staff are cool and you get a sense of friendliness around them that would make you feel as though you’re chatting with a trusty business colleague rather than a hospitality industry professional. Rooms are swanky and sophisticated with a minimal feel but without being stark and sterile. Remember- art and designer furniture *every where*! Furnished mostly with high end designer pieces by the likes of Herman Miller, decent entertainment (TV) and high quality fabric that might make you want to order.


For the ladies: the bathroom carries natural and ethical bath products that are so must-du jour.


A talked about bar resides in the James hotel, called Jimmy’s where you can see celebrity sightings and chic locals while surely enjoy great cocktails. The streak house below, I’ve found, can be your typical American steak house with American portions but the quality of food and most importantly, the service is gold. The only thing missing- a swimming pool. Otherwise, it’s a gorgeous all rounder, a home away from home that I highly recommend!


Fun fact: the founders of the James hotel are the same founders of the chic Equinox fitness clubs! Now you get the picture?


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