Keep Your Skin Soft and Healthy This Fall

As the warm summer weather turns into the briskness of autumn, there’s much to look forward to (hot lattes and cozy sweaters, anyone?), but it also means the return of dry fall skin. The colder months are harsher on the skin, often causing dry, rough, or itchy spots. As the air becomes drier, winds become harsher, and we spend more time next to toasty fires, the skin may suffer. You can stop fall dryness before it happens and keep your skin soft and healthy by starting these simple steps now.

Establish a Skincare Routine

Keeping the skin healthy and soft during the fall begins with establishing a good skincare routine. During the fall, the skin is more prone to drying and flaking. Exfoliating with an oil-based scrub helps remove dead skin cells and replenish moisture. You can make your own scrub easily at home using simple, natural ingredients, like coconut oil and sugar. After you’ve exfoliated your skin, apply a lotion  or cream over your body.


Healthy Eating Helps Produce Healthy Skin

Part of maintaining healthy skin on the outside is nourishing it on the inside by eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is especially good for keeping the skin soft and youthful. Take advantage of healthy fall produce, like squash and sweet potatoes, and limit processed foods to have a glowing complexion this season.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is essential for overall health, including skin health. Lack of sleep can negatively impact the skin in a number of ways, including skin dehydration, redness, and dark circles. Sleeping a good 7 to 9 hours a night provides the body time to repair the cells and create new collagen, helping to improve complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and reduce eye puffiness.

Protect the Skin While in the Sun

The sun may seem less harsh in the fall, but UV rays can still do damage. Even when it’s cloudy out, up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can reach the skin. Wear sunscreen whenever you go out, even in the fall, to prevent sun damage and keep the skin supple. Lightweight sunscreens, like Eau Thermal Avène Mineral Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen, work well under makeup and are perfect for daily wear. In addition to wearing sunscreen, you can protect your skin (and keep your head warm) by wearing a fashionable fall hat when outdoors. Put on the Orvis heathered-felt hat or your favorite floppy brimmed wool hat to keep your skin looking healthy and yourself looking fashionable.

Get Help Creating a Personalized Skin Care Routine

If you’re still not sure what you should do to improve your skin this fall, or if new skin care issues arise, don’t be afraid to do a little research or ask friends and professionals for help. There are many great resources to take advantage of when trying to establish a personalized skin care routine. Resources, like Amway’s skincare blog, can help you find the information you need to keep your skin clear and healthy this fall. Online beauty quizzes, talking to a cosmetician at a department store skin care counter, or seeing a dermatologist, can also help you create a routine right for your needs.

Enjoy Beautiful Skin No Matter the Season

Changes in weather, whether from the hot, humid days of summer to the colder, drier days of fall, can take a toll on the skin. A summer routine may not provide enough moisture to the skin and a fall routine may feel too heavy in the warm summer months. Find a balance by altering your skincare routine to match the season and you’ll be able to enjoy soft, healthy skin all year.

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Keep Your Skin Soft and Healthy This Fall

As the warm summer weather turns into the briskness of autumn, there’s...
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