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It seems like the older we get, the more bothered we have become with anything that harms the environment, increases carbon foot print or pile landfill. Transportation, is no stranger to this list and contributes a fair share of pollution. Growing up in Dubai, petrol has always been cheaper than water and the concept of hybrid cars seemed non-existent. I had no idea what hybrid cars were about until I moved to the US 5 years ago… talk about eco-ignorance! I’ve been introduced to different car brands that manufacture hybrid cars be it affordable or luxury.. I was yet to learn about the ‘perfect’ hybrid car for a small family.



Last week, I’ve learnt about the Chicago Auto Show and was invited by Kia to check out their new cars.  I was extremely pleased to hear that Kia has launched a new Hybrid, the Kia Niro, that’s an SUV but without the massive size…  perfect for someone like me who has no special parking skills! The colors the Niro comes in are deep and beautiful while the shape and design of the car were ideal for a small family. The interiors of the car- are equally pleasing and akin to those seen in luxury cars.


The 1.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery is located under the rear seat, sending energy to the motor and powering the Niro- either to go on it’s own or in combination with the engine. In addition, it has the capability of  storing otherwise wasted energy captured through regenerative braking. How fantastic is that? So not only do you get aesthetics, but performance and efficiency as well.



My mother has owned two Kias for a while and I am happy that Kia has been a part of our family. We have always found them to be quite practical and comfortable cars… but this time, I was genuinely after more than practicality or comfort… I wanted to contribute to my son’s future by minimizing the use of gas guzzling vehicles. The Kia Niro is one car that I will strongly consider in our next car purchase.


This post is sponsored by Kia. Opinions on the vehicles are personal and my own.

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