#GirlBoss: Irina Ovrutsky from Lola & The Boys

Super mom, entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast- meet Irina. Based in Chicago with a background from Europe, Irina has been in the fashion industry for a while starting off modeling and now a successful fashion brand designer and owner. Lola & the Boys fashion encompasses what you may call a mini-me look, comfort and trend- a perfect combo to find that unique item of clothing you want for your child. Irina has always had a dream to fulfill in fashion design and when she became a mother, she realized that it was difficult to embark on such a journey. A few years down the line, she realized how much she loved being a mother and decided that Children’s Clothing with a run-way twist was the perfect business for her. Ever since, it’s history! Meet the incredibly warm Irina, #GirlBoss, #Momboss and everything in between.

What inspired you to begin your Lola & The Boys?

My kids were always my inspiration and the need in the market to make unique kids clothes with affordable prices both moms and kids will love.

Who designs the clothes and where is the inspiration for the designs from?

I design the clothing and what’s unique is having my 10 year old daughter at home giving me her advise. Get input from a kids perspective helps keep it young and fresh and it’s always fun to see fashion through that viewpoint. Everthing we design translates to adult fashion as well so we do a lot of matching mommy and me looks.

How easy or difficult was it to start the business with children?

It was very difficult. I was very torn in the beginning worried if there would be enough time to juggle both being a mom of three and a business owner. This has been a dream for so long so I’m so happy to have made it come true.

Any tips for mom-preneurs on how they can stay on top of their game?

Although it’s hard not to feel guilty for working and missing out on something with the kids, always just try to find that balance. If you feel like skipping some emails or other work for the day don’t feel bad. Spending those few hours with your little ones will be fulfilling and leave you recharged and ready for more work.

What’s your typical work day like?

I always like to get as much work done before that 3:15 pick up time so I stay uber focused from 10-3, and then it’s time for pick up. I do everything from photos to designing to answering all the emails from my customers. I try to keep the Customer service very personal and people appreciate the personal touch. There is not one day that’s the same so we just crank through the list and keep on moving.

Favorite spots in Chicago?

Maple and Ash for dinner

Things you cannot live without

Can’t live without my spray tan machine, keeps you glowing like you just got back from vacation and I love a great matcha latte. The best ones are at Three Green Market!


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