The best Lunch-time facials in Chicago

Clear skin and anti-aging…we’re obsessed! According to Refinery 29, a Google search for “how to clear pores,” yields 21 million results, compared to one for “who really killed JFK,” which turns up a mere 715,000. When it comes to skincare, I’m always quite the freak and quite particular – my sensitive skin is wary of any treatments, zaps, creams, serums, etc. So as you can imagine, I had to go through several spas to find a facialist (in my lunch break, ideally) that can transform my skin from blah to wow. But before I list my favorite spas in downtown Chicago, let me take one step back and interest you in terrible importance for getting a facial, because there are several people out there who skip facials and label it under ‘luxury’. But beauty is hard work my friends as Helena Rubenstein famously claimed :

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones

Yes- that’s right, facials are not only for celebrities, they can be carried out from your own bathroom or you can simply unwind and get one. Facials have been around for centuries and women (and men) have gone through lengths to attain youthful skin. Raw meat face packs, anyone? A popular treatment in the 1900s or… Radium?! Or eggs, bird poop or your own blood… the list is endless with crazy notions but we all agree that we are obsessed with squeaky clean pores and skin. All jokes aside- the real benefits that help transform the appearance and maintain skin-health are:

  • Invigorates the skin
  • Nourishes
  • Relaxes you, helps you unwind
  • You get a clean deeper cleanse than your regular face wash and scrub program – removing toxins and trapped oils from your daily environment
  • Resurfaces new, even skin
  • Provides your skin with good circulation – the flow of blood gives your skin a healthy glow and spreads out water and nutrients
  • and so much more…

Now that we have an understanding about facials, here are our tips on the best spots to get them:

West Loop: Cowshed Spa @ The Soho House

I’ve recently come to realize how many people think that The Soho House is a place only for it’s members, but let me confirm this preconception- it is not. One of the best spas you will find in Chicago, the CowShed Spa is quite central and has a variety of facial options for you to chose from. Using only natural products by the Cowshed brand, Alina Thorne from Cowshed – cleansed, extracted, scrubbed and massaged my face with heavenly balms and lotions that sent me to aromatherapy heaven. Their rooms are dark and can easily take you to dreamland if you’re not careful. Relaxing oils and hand/foot massages were part of the treatment, turning me into a softer, lighter and more relaxed person than when I first checked in. Difference in skin- before and after – more plump and hydrated, an almost instant glow and a squeaky clean feel. By far- this would be a spa for relaxing and unwinding. A few of my fav products

River North: Chicago Spa @ The Dana Hotel

Arriving into the Dana Hotel has it’s own delight, the staff at the front door super friendly and the general atmospher
e sophisticated and cool. When I arrived at the Spa I was greeted by a warm reception area and introduced to Diane, an incredibly knowledgeable aesthetician. She examined my face and recommended a treatment specific for it’s requirement. If I were asked what kind of treatments to would expect here, I would say that this Spa is most knowledgeable about anti-aging treatments. Diane explained to me how the skin works, elasticity, collagen and the works. Her secret to healthy, youthful skin was to simply add Vit C and Hyaluronic Acid serums to your daily routine. Using French & American products (listed below), the result was fantastic. My skin somehow felt ‘tighter’ and brighter after applying the face mask which had a magical anti-aging effect on my skin. It seems like my skin was thirsty from all the dry heating at home and the office, so this treatment took my face back to what it looks like in the summer! Here’s my fav, deliciously smelling product from the treatment:

The Loop: The Spa @ The Wit

This review is by one of our male experts who claims that he’s changed his view on spa and skin treatments – forever, after getting his treatment at the Spa (at The Wit). Centrally located in the Loop, this Spa is very easy to get to after work or during your lunch break. A favorite amongst many, the Wit is known for it’s hip and eclectic atmosphere, collaborating with the creative and fashion world frequently. The Spa is no different, it’s approach to treatments is one that’s certainly easygoing, decadent and modern. Aesthetician, Gregory Johnson, explained to us the benefits of facials and how most of his male clients are Europeans, considering how much more the culture of looking after your skin is present in Europe. He used the beautiful and natural Eminence Organic skincare line which has resulted in a transformation (as you can imagine!). Our fav products:

Do you have a favorite Spa that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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