Matt Roan, Chicago’s Cross Fader King

Meet talented personality and Chicago based musician, Matt Roan, honoring our THIS IS CHICAGO debut!


Who is Matt Roan?

Very easy to talk to, relaxed and a fun and elegant personality, Matt Roan is a warm and approachable DJ, Musician AND Entrepreneur (whoa!). Born in Champaign IL, he was raised in Elmhurst IL and currently lives in the Chicago’s city limits since 2000.  As a DJ,  Matt ROAN has played all over the world from Miami to Milan and has performed at Lollapalooza twice, making him our Chicago c-e-l-e-b-r-IT-y! Before his DJ days as a musician, he’s helped record numerous records and recently toured the east coast with  the band The 1900s.  Currently a smart business owner, Matt and his friend Emilio Abadia aka E-Six co-founded Crossfader King a music business through which they have helped many local DJs get their start.  In 2013, Roan has released new music, new mixes and hit the road to play some of the hottest spots clubs in the US. Oh and I can’t not mention that this man has #swag.. always stylish whenever you see him and featured on top Chicago publications for his personality and style…Follow …>> Matt Roan!

TCC: First of all – what’s Cross Fader King?

MR: Crossfader King is a DJ booking agency that helps find the perfect DJ for Chicago’s best clubs, restaurants, and events.

TTC: When did you decide you wanted to be a DJ? How did you start?

MR: I moved in with some friends with turntables right after college and was starting to get my first taste of DJ / nightlife culture around the same time.  I was fascinated by mixing records and trying to get people to dance.  I got my first gig at the Hideout and I played with an ipod and a handful of used records I’d collected over the years.  It was SO much fun and at the end of the night I got $200 and I had my mind blown.  I got paid to have fun.  I taught myself to mix after that and quit my day job a year and a half later.

TCC: Why Chicago?

MR: I was essecially born and raised here.  I lived 15 mile west of the city, went to school at DePaul, my family is all here… it’s home.  I doubt I’ll ever leave.

TCC: What is your source of inspiration for mixing and when will you release your own music?

MR: I grew up playing in rock bands and I still do.  I loved the idea that being a DJ is kind of like being a one man band.  I do make my own mixes and remixes.  Still working on putting out 100% original material.  I’m planning to release something this year for SURE.  I get inspired most by just listing.  Music is powerful and if it makes you feel something you want to get to the bottom of it and see if you can reproduce something that good in your own way.

TCC: What are your fondest childhood memories?

MR: On of my fondest memories as a kid was dancing after dinner.  My mom would put music on (Gloria Estafan was a major go-to) and my little brothers and I would dance it up.  I lived in a really musical household and was encouraged to play instruments.  My family has always been pretty supportive of all my musical endeavors.


TCC: As an artist/business owner, what is the biggest mistake which you will never repeat?

MR: One mistake I wouldn’t repeat…  That’s a great question.  I’d say making sure you get contracts signed with each and every client. Handshakes only go so far… even if you trust and are friends with the people you are working with.

TCC: What gives you the confidence to keep on going and applying consistency?

MR: I feel like I’m continually getting better at DJing.  Using new tools, digging for new tunes, making new edits… When you have a club full of people all moving and the crowd generally going wild: its a really satisfying feeling- knowing that I am capabale of making that happen.

TCC: Success roll: any special habits or disciplines?

MR: I could actually use some better business practices and discipline… but the best one I feel like I do every day is be kind and be grateful.  I’m super lucky to be able to do what I love for a living and treating people well almost always comes back to you.

TCC: Life is moving online- How is technology affecting your life – positive/negative? Social media- any tips?

MR: Social media is HUGE in the DJ game.  Likes and followers are a currency and a lot of people are paying real money for fake fans.  It’s kind of gross but people aren’t dumb and they see thru those numbers really quickly.  I think its important to let those things evolve naturally and give people something worth “liking.”


TCC: What’s exciting you right now?

MR: I’m excited that the US has seemingly embraced dance music and that their ears are excited by new sounds more than ever.  I’m also stoked that a deeper, less “progressive house” sound is creeping into our clubs.  We can only here so many “bangers” in a row!

TCC: Any plans for the future?

I plan on GETTING MARRIED in November!  Super excited.  That’s taking up a lot of time right now but it will all be worth it!



DJ Matt Roan has put together a special music set for Perfect for those Summery nights, Enjoy 🙂


Thanks Matt!


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