Our Pick for Mens Fall Outwear

As soon as we start thinking of preparing for cooler months, we know (fashionwise) that a coat is by default an investment piece, considering how often you will wear one as if it were uniform. With that very thought in mind- most fashion houses take your decision with care; they make sure that they design coats that are made to last, look attractive and have an excellent fit for your body size and shape. However, long gone are the days when we forced ourselves to stick to dark colors (that go with everything, apparently) or a basic, classic fit that goes from day to night. While the latter may be professionally true to an extent, most companies these days welcome or dare I say encourage individual style. You’re living in one of fashion’s finest moments in history where everything but ‘plain’ is considered attractive or cool… even at work. Fashion houses are currently experimenting with pattern, color, fabric and fit, giving us endless options at our fingertips, literally.

In celebration for fall 2017 and glorious variety, we’ve put together a few picks that we hope you enjoy.


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