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Don’t know if you’ve heard SOFA fair, it’s one of my favorite happenings in Chicago. In fact, if I lived in any other state, I would come to it besides Art Basel Miami and a handful of others. So what is SOFA?



SOFA  has been happening for 20 years now, one of the world’s foremost fair devoted to Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design. Now, it marks its landmark year with the debut of CONNECT, a student design exhibition and competition. Presented alongside nearly 70 galleries, the five unique design environments created by top art and design schools will be on display throughout the fair at Navy Pier’s Festival Hall November 1-3, 2013.


SOFA CHICAGO Director Donna Davies shares  “CONNECT is an exciting new component of the fair that will highlight the innovation that is occurring in design at these schools. When you celebrate 20 years, it’s not only a time to reflect upon the past, it’s an essential time to look forward. CONNECT is an opportunity to look ahead at what trends are coming in design.” Thank you dear Ms. Davies, I applaud your words. One of my biggest interest is obviously the future but even more so, it’s today’s youth, art, culture and what (they can) bring to our future.

Selected by SOFA CHICAGO to participate in the CONNECT exhibition and competition, the five schools include Edinburgh College of Art (eca), the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland); Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, IL); Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY); University of California, Davis (Davis, CA); and University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA).


So if you like contemporary art & all things aesthetically futuristic, then come to SOFA 🙂 I’ll be adding post visit photos (especially of Connect) to this post on Sunday, so come back and visit!

Post Visit Photos as promised: Enjoy!




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