OMG! Let’s Talk About Fashion and Our Feelings

When it comes to this double breasted, tweed evening coat, designed by Chicago based luxury fashion label, Ricorso, I do not know where to even get started. When I tried it on for the first time, the feelings that came over me when looking into the mirror were indescribable. I felt like one million dollars. Poised, feminine, elegant, and lady like.

These feelings were all amazingly positive, and filled me with confidence from head to toe. In this piece from Ricorso’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection, I wanted to go out and be seen. I was encouraged to walk around the city in this work of art and show it off. It made me feel beautiful and stylish inside and out.

These wonderful feelings lead me to believe why fashion is so important and why people put so much effort into their style and getting dressed in the morning. We try on multiple outfits and test out different looks in a search for that perfect feeling. We get dressed to look good and feel great from the inside- based off what is projected on the outside. We let our outerwear and garments do the talking, and when we try on that perfect piece, whether it is a coat, a dress, or a skirt- we know its the one when we encounter that certain “super-special-gushy-damn-I’m-gorgeous” feeling.


This “feeling” I speak of is only encountered on very special occasions. We’ve all felt it before. For instance, you may get the “feeling” after a really great Tinder date. It’s when you leave your date feeling great and you are confident that you are headed in the right direction with this person. Or, it could be encountered at a restaurant when you see your food coming out. You are filled with happiness and looking forward to what is about to happen, ready to whip your phone out and Instagram your plate before you get lost in its perfect deliciousness. This feeling also exists in clothing when a pair of jeans hug your body just the right way, when the color of a blouse compliments your skin so perfectly, or in this case, when an evening coat makes you feel like the most fabulous person in the world. YOU JUST WANT TO SNAP A PIC FOR INSTAGRAM GET LOST IN IT’S DELICIOUSNESS. It’s a sense of certainty, you know you made the right choice and you feel GREAT about it.

This European winter tweed coat, with imported curly lamb fur detailing, is shaped to perfection and flattering enough to wear over just a little black dress. It’s classic shape and coloring makes this a timeless piece to wear season after season. The fit and shape is feminine and flawless- with the added touch of fur making it a strong style statement. This coat not only looks and feels good- but because of it’s winter tweed and fur, it does its job: keeps you warm. Perfect for combatting the polar vortex and feeling damn good while doing so.

So don’t think dressing practically for winter means you cannot look stylish. This gorgeous piece is a prime example that you can look good and feel good. Thats what its all about right? Finding that special feeling?

Visit to shop more looks or view the pieces in person at VMR, located here in Chicago!





all photgraphy by: Shane Strs

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