The Dana Hotel Gets a Culinary Revival

The Dana Hotel means business. In the past, it has always been a perfectly pleasant place to visit. With stellar accommodation, a rooftop lounge and an ultra relaxing spa, stopping by never seemed like a bad idea. However, over the last few years things at the Dana Hotel began to change. The once buzzy rooftop bar closed and so did the restaurant on the ground floor. With the sudden string of closures, word around the culinary world began to spread: Rebel Hospitality and the Fifty/50 were joining forces.

While you may not know either group by name, you definitely know their properties if you’re a regular on the Chicago food and travel scene. Fifty/50 is at the helm of Homestead on the Roof, The Berkshire Room, Bodega, Fifty/50 Bar, Steadfast, Roots Pizza, West Town Bakery, Bunny Slope and The Sixth, while Rebel Hospitality (founded by Principals Gene Kornota and Anthony Klok) heads the ACME Hotel, the Dana Hotel and Spa and Hawthorne Terrace. Rumors were confirmed when it was announced that they were launching three new concepts inside the hotel: Portsmith, an elevated seafood restaurant on the ground level, as well as Leviathan, a sea monster inspired cocktail bar on the second floor, and Apogee, a whimsical cocktail lounge on the twenty-sixth floor.

Apogee opened in April of 2017 and was quickly accepted into the ranks as one of the best cocktail bars in Chicago. Headed by mixology master Benjamin Schiller, it is one of those places you must visit before you die. Portsmith followed soon after, opening in August of the same year. Headed by Executive Chef Nate Henssler (previously of Homestead on the Roof), Portsmith allowed him to flex his creative culinary muscles and showcase seafood in a familiar yet unexpected way. The menu has many unpredictable nuances with subtle whimsical interludes.

The interior of Portsmith Chicago on the Chicago Chic as reviewed by Leah Nolan.

Portsmith’s Interior, Photo by IMR

What to Order

Fancy Oyster 

What better way to start a meal than with a fancy oyster? Yuzu citrus (a fruit cultivated in Japan, China and South Korea), finely sliced green apple matchsticks and foie gras torchon sit inside the oyster. A well-balanced bite, the fattiness of the foie gras adds richness while the apple and yuzu adds a tart zing. You can order as many as you like, but I recommend starting with one. After all, you don’t want to spoil your dinner!

Fried Oyster 

Portsmith’s fried oysters are covered in squid-ink panko and topped with trout roe and oyster basil aioli. It’s comforting yet refined and if you order fried and fancy, you get the best of both worlds. Again, unless you plan to make a meal of your oysters, resist the urge and order small.

Tuna Tartare

A pleasant and refreshing starter, raw sushi grade tuna hides underneath a large umami shrub cracker. Resting comfortably with the tuna is jalapeños and a sprinkle of cilantro. It’s a satisfying appetizer that won’t weigh heavy in your stomach.

The Octopus at Portsmith Chicago, best seafood restaurants.

Crispy Octopus, Photo by IMR

Crispy Octopus

Long octopus tentacles are coated in Vietnamese rice flakes and served with kalamansi mayonnaise and sweet chili jam. Cultivated in the Philippines, the calamondin fruit is a hybrid of oranges and kumquats. It delivers tartness to the mayo and the heat from the sweet chili jam cuts through its acidity. It’s a spicy meets sweet vacation for your mouth packed with textural contrasts.

Scallop Rumaki

A brilliant combination of ingredients, the Scallop Rumaki is invigorating. Georges Banks scallops and Nuoc Chom pork belly (aka melt in your mouth bacon) alternate while sitting in a lemongrass carrot puree with papaya, radishes and ginger confit. Each bite is more gratifying than the next. This is a must order.

Scallops and bacon at Portsmith Chicago on the Chicago Chic by Leah Nolan.

Scallop Rumaki, Photo by IMR

Bread Service 

Made fresh in house by Executive Pastry Chef Chris Teixeira, bread service includes a Cheddar Parker House Roll with Old Bay Butter (hats off to Red Lobster), a Bonito Flake Sourdough with Black Garlic Butter and Squid Ink Ciabatta with Rosemary Butter. At my table, we had an amusing time tasting our way through each offering to compare textures and flavors. When the last crumb was cleared, the ciabatta was crowned the winner, followed by the cheddar roll and then the sourdough, respectively.

Fish & Chips 

A cheeky version of “fish and chips”, Henssler overlaps layers of potatoes to mimic scales atop a mouthwatering piece of Atlantic Halibet. The fish sits in a malt vinegar jus and is served with a side of creamy tartar sauce inside of a small white onion. Regarded as their signature dish, it makes waves. The fish is expertly prepared and the potatoes are sensational. The jus adds layers of flavor while the tartar sauce punches you in the mouth with tangy notes.

Fish & Chips, Photo by IMR

Lemon Napoleon

Depending upon your proclivity to destruction, you’ll either love or hate the suggested sequence of events tied to the Lemon Napoleon. The dessert itself is stunning. Layers of puff pastry are intertwined with creamy lemon custard and cream while poppy seed meringue shards adorn the top and lemon ice cream sits on the side. Rather than delicately piercing this baked masterpiece with your fork, Chef Teixeira suggests something ghastly: smash the entire creation and then eat it. Of course, whether you choose to acquiesce to this request is entirely up to you, but I promise, it tastes heavenly either way.

The Lemon Napoleon on the Chicago Chic at Portsmith.

Lemon Napoleon, Photo by IMR

The meal closes on a generous note with a delectable arrangement of post-meal candies and cookies presented on an artificial piece of coral.

Other Changes to Note

Not only has the Dana Hotel stepped up their culinary prowess, they’ve positioned themselves as an accommodating host to both two and four-legged guests. Upon check-in, they will roll out the red carpet for you and your pooch. When you enter your room, expect a robust wine selection, gourmet snacks and lush digs including sustainable wood, warm earth tones, modern decor with floor to ceiling windows, concrete balconies, and to top it off, an adorable food and water bowl for your furry friend. After check-in, stop by the spa for a relaxing salt scrub, facial, massage, or mani/pedi. It’s a wonderful way to relax after a long day, before heading down to dinner.

Best dog friendly hotels in Chicago: the dana hotel and spa as seen on the Chicago Chic with Leah Nolan.

Room Interior, The Dana Hotel

Chicago's best dog friendly hotels: The Dana Hotel on the Chicago Chic by Leah Nolan.

The Most Adorable Dog in the World & His Favorite Ball, The Dana Hotel

However, if you find yourself in a spa coma afterwards and slipping into the cozy bathrobe and slippers hanging in your closet sounds more appealing, the Dana Hotel is proud to offer guests the latest in-room technology. Each room is equipped with an i-Pad that allows you to order room service, 24-hours a day. From the comfort of each tablet, you can also book spa appointments, pre-order your car from valet and make dining reservations. It’s like having a personal assistant at the touch of a button!

In room technology at the Dana Hotel on the Chicago Chic by Leah Nolan.

In-room Technology, The Dana Hotel

The Dana Hotel and Spa is a vibrant space in the center of the bustling city. Whether you’re seeking excitement or a luxe oasis of relaxation, the Dana Hotel is an impeccable backdrop for your next paradisal adventure.

The Dana Hotel in Chicago, Illinois with Leah Nolan on the Chicago Chic.

Balcony, The Dana Hotel

Dana Hotel & Spa | 660 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654 | (312) 202-6000

Featured Photo by IMR


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