Why You Should Party at PRYSM

A review of PRYSM nightclub in Lincoln Park by Leah Nolan of the Chicago Chic.

If you were a club kid living in Chicago during the early “aughts,” names like Le Passage, Lotus Club, The Underground, Crescendo, Rino, Crobar and Enclave should evoke a flood of memories. Chicagoans can credit these iconic dance spots with fun times, late nights and lighter wallets. Countless bottles were popped, bathroom attendants made more money in a single night than some patrons did in a week, and celebrity sightings were almost guaranteed. However, after the recession, the club scene in Chicago slowly began to dwindle. Cristal fueled evenings came to an abrupt halt, and from 2007-2011 many of our favorite late-night spots began to close – only one of the aforementioned has stood the test of time.

When Crobar closed in 2010, it left a 6,000 square foot void in Lincoln Park at 1543 North Kingsbury. Over the years, several people have tried to unsuccessfully revive the once effervescent space. But then something different happened. Almost a year and a half ago PRYSM opened its doors and a shift occurred. It was exactly what enthusiastic club goers had been waiting for. PRYSM showed the neighborhood it was more than a club. It was an elevated nightlife experience with hospitality at the forefront. The space had been returned to its former glory with a fresh new twist.

The interior of PRYSM nightclub on the Chicago Chic.
Photo by IMR

The Ambiance

The modern space boasts a buzzing dance floor with an elevated DJ booth as its focal point. The club spans two floors with spacious bottle service seating throughout. On the first floor, tables are situated in the center of the room and the second floor has tables overlooking the entire lower level with prime views of the DJ. The DEN is located in a separate space on the second floor. This less crowded area has its own DJ station, a fully equipped bar and limited availability seating which must be reserved ahead of time.

The Menu

Upon arrival, my friends and I were led upstairs to a table on the balcony where we had a perfect view of the DJ. The entire club was packed and everyone was dancing. Our server handed us a menu and gave us time to look it over. It consisted of eleven vodka options, ranging from Absolute to Belvedere, fifteen tequila choices, with top tier Clase Azul Ultra and lower tier Maestro Dobel, and bourbon, rum, gin, cognac and scotch options. With liquor, bottle service ranged from $300 to $2600. Their champagne selection was extensive, with bottle sizes ranging from 750ml to 15 liters, and price points beginning at $300 and peaking at $18,000. We were left to choose our level of extravagance.

The Chicago Chic at PRYSM Nightclub in Chicago.

The Service

Exceptional hospitality is what sets PRYSM apart from other clubs. The waitstaff’s desire to turn tables doesn’t dictate the night, and at PRSYM, the customer comes first. Every table is equipped with a host and it is this person’s job to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our fabulous host, Vesi, checked on our table throughout the evening (with proper frequency) to ensure we had everything we needed. In tandem with Vesi, our server visited our table to refill our drinks and freshen our mixers. However, the entire time I was there I never felt rushed or like either party was visiting the table too much. No one tried to hasten us through our bottle and we were free to enjoy the night at our own pace. We enjoyed our cocktails, and at one point, danced as confetti rained down from the ceiling.

At PRYSM, you can always expect A-list treatment,  guest appearances by some of the best DJs in the world and a vibrant party scene. If you’re looking for a luxe place to dance the night away, head to PRSYM. (The nightclub closes at 4AM Thursday, Friday and Monday and at 5AM on Saturday.) It’s a taste of Las Vegas in the heart of Lincoln Park.

1543 N Kingsbury St, Chicago, IL 60642 | (312) 546-4141 | PRYSM Nightclub 

Featured Photo by IMR

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